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2020-08-25 (Kenoshaw) Shots Fired: “Bodies Everywhere”

Good morning ACP members.

As the events escalate, and more darkness is attracted to Kenosha, we will start seeing more and more of this. It is becoming normal. Pop off a few rounds into the crowd, bound to hit something. This also means only the most violent and those seeking deadly conflict will be the only ones attending. This plus residential roaming mobs = the scenario we are aware can happen.

These very naive children are learning that there can be deadly consequences for what they are doing. It is too bad they have to learn the lesson like this.

Then, it is just them against us. The time is coming. Have you been preparing? Have you been training? Have you setup your home appropriately for defense?

This first video is an ANTIFA rioter. He has been shot in the head. He is trying to get up and can not. This is the human reflex to try to get up. It looks like a ricochet off the upper right side skull. He is semi-responsive but who knows. We will find out what threat he was to the shooter. Both sides had firearms. They will certainly try to hide his.

2 thoughts on “2020-08-25 (Kenoshaw) Shots Fired: “Bodies Everywhere”

    1. The purge begins. Need to look at the state laws to see if the shooter will be hassled. Someone should give him a cake and parade.
      And more ammo.

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