2020-08-24 (Kenosha) Elderly Business Owner Is Savagely Beaten

2020-08-24 (Kenosha) Elderly Business Owner Is Savagely Beaten

Each day this is allowed, more join in. It can be stopped easier at the beginning, before it escalates. We are at the beginning for Kenosha. Each night, more will come out in the dark, like animals, to do bad things. Each night, it will get worse.

This is not the only violent assault. For each assault we know about, many more are committed, at least. Downtown will be burned out and boarded up like Portland and Minneapolis. Hundreds of businesses will be destroyed, along with the abilities to feed their families. The affects last many years.

3 thoughts on “2020-08-24 (Kenosha) Elderly Business Owner Is Savagely Beaten

  1. Each day will get worse with more zealots and opportunists trickling in. The weekend will be worst. They are cowards, only attacking the unarmed in mobs. Act with that in mind if people head out there to assist Americans.

    1. We need everyone to start showing up. Check out locally what groups are nearby and what they are doing. There are hundreds in these areas that just need a lead to follow.

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