Strategy & Tactics: Multiple Fronts, Divide & Conquer

We had a weekend, the previous weekend of Aug 14-17 2020, where multiple Patriot groups had planned protests. These protests were all over the nation and hundreds to thousands of miles apart.

The result was blm, antifa, and other terrorist groups responded, and have time to respond. They had 1-2 weeks to plan to show up and show their dedication to the downfall of America.

What also happened was a numbers and logistics challenge for the enemy. For them to show up in all these cities, Hundreds or thousands of miles apart, They had to triage their personnel to the closest areas and divide from their larger personnel pool, to cover all areas.

Because Patriots were proactive, their numbers were greatly diminished, the enemy was stretched too thin, and not much happened that weekend. Even occupying enemy personnel for Portland were transported out so the evening riots were more calm during that weekend.

The Lesson

There is no lesson. We already know this when we divided up M$Ms among childhood friends. The reminder is, Patriots need to keep being proactive.

We should decide when and where the protests occur. We can. It is very simple. Just plan them before the enemy does.

We have let BLM and Antifa call the shots since the beginning. We let them make us run around like children to where they want us to go.

Time to turn the tables, isn’t it? WAKE UP

While they are reacting to our plans, they are not planning themselves. We have an opportunity here to redirect all protests simply by looking at the map of events we all have, and creating a redirection.

An example is the group going into neighborhoods – we can call them back to the city by staging our own show up/protest.


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