(Snohomish) Sabotage to Electrical Grid, Electrical Pole, Distribution

Electrical poles, the very high voltage poles, were cut with a saw/chainsaw. One fell ahead of schedule, causing a power outage. Others were found to be pre-cut. These pre-cut electrical poles were setup to fall over the I5 freeway and onto the electrical substation. This would block travel and then cause power disruption that would effect communications.

This is what we warned about previously. Staging of disruption of travel, electricity, and communications.

We will see what other inspections reveal, a sabatoge plan with more coverage and if this has been done in other cities.

This test would be to see how long it would take before discovery and poles cut at different depths would have different time to failure.

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  1. Along I5, huh? Isn’t that a koinkydink! Wasn’t there a post here a while back regarding weapons caches along I5? Of course one must have nothing to do with the other, that would be tin foil hat stuff, wouldn’t it.

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