2020-08-24 NFAC Promises Retaliation from Latest Police Shooting Police in Wisconsin

2020-08-24 NFAC Promises Retaliation from Latest Police Shooting Police in Wisconsin

This shooting happened yesterday. Various stories on how it started; where Blake, the suspect, was shot while trying to enter his vehicle.

Police shot Blake while Blake was reaching into his vehicle. Attempted vehicle access while resting arrest or detainment is for the suspect to reach for and obtain a weapon. Unless he was just really really trying to get his insurance papers.

The video of the shooting is not clear; the police body cam footage is. A look from the surface, which is what the drama-eaters need, it to interpret situations without premeditation, without foreknowledge, and without thinking.

NFAC leader tried multiple viewpoints in his video. First, Blake was just trying to go home because he did not feel like dealing with police. Then, he comments that police should be able to handle one guy with a knife. NFAC leader seems to admit he was going for and obtained a knife and it is just fine. And also negating his first statements that Blake was just reaching in for a snack bar.

Lies first, then lies with a little truth. Most people will not even find the video. They will only go from what NFAC leader says.

This group is here to do what? Replace the Black Panthers. Another head of the BLM/ANTIFICA/OTHER terrorist groups centrally managed. Out for black justice while doing absolutely nothing about their drug dealing, cracked up communities. Just waiting to strike when the other groups do to help destroy America.

2 thoughts on “2020-08-24 NFAC Promises Retaliation from Latest Police Shooting Police in Wisconsin

  1. I checked headlines from cnn, wp, nyt, dailymail, etc., and the tweets from the Dems. They had hot takes talking about systemic racism and policing within hours, maybe minutes, of this breaking and they are really bad takes. Apple, Google and the rest are out in front of this one already and pushing a wholly wrong narrative through their new aggregation.

    The initial push had some democrats thinking they could make this one bigger than Floyd.

    It will take a few days to see how they can make this one resonate but it does give the DNC media something to lead with during the RNC Convention.

    1. They need to release the body cam footage ASAP. So far, every single situation like this has been instigated and escalated by the suspect. Every one.

      The culture of not taking the police seriously and being strong will children needs to stop. These people seem like they have child minds or are on drugs. I could ask for the shorter list of who is not on drugs.

      When we see these patterns all our lives, we expect them. But it is they who create the image.

      It has always been up to the individual actor to not resist, flee, grab police weapons, attack police, reach for weapons, shoot through doors at police … the list goes on. Every bad thing they do.

      It is the individual. The media places them as a group. So now as a group what do you have.

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