The Great Reset

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Just a link to an article published in the Mises Wire on August 1, 2020.  It’s a very good, concise summary of the planned Reset of the global economy and social structures. Everything we’re now seeing. Well worth the few minutes time to read (or listen to) the article.


3 thoughts on “The Great Reset

  1. It is a good article. Pretty basic if you are up to date on so many of these things that are going on it may seem a bit far fetched but it is true. I think about 5% of the population may understand what is going on with half of that for and against but 95% of people probably have no understanding of any of this. America is the last big hurdle due to our form of government, military and location. They want our military and tech but they do not want our form of government. Tough times are ahead.

    1. America is absolutely the last stronghold in the world. People, especially Americans, do not understand what America represents to the world. The citizens are something else.

      America is followed by other countries citizens, which in turn direct their countries governments.

      The existence of America, our 1st and 2nd amendments, and the American dream, give other peoples around the world hope.

      Our technology has played key roles in so many freedom fights; both large and small, globally.

      Massive protests have been organized in the past in actual dictatorship ruled countries.

      If America falls, if the hope America represents is extinguished; a domino effect will follow world wide. It will be a new Dark Age.

      It is insane that we have born citizens fighting for our fall. If that happened, they would be the first to be dropped in the body pits. A deserved ending for sure, but how about we skip all that.

      1. I think it will be far more catastrophic than the coming of a new Dark Age. In my opinion, from what is happening, it is the extinction of a whole civilization. We have hazy fragments of stories of lost civilizations, many of which we take for fairy tales, or something akin to that. Atlantis, Lemuria, etc. The Biblical flood & extinction, more. The stories are out there, whether one believes them or not. The stated plan, and ‘they’ve’ written it for all to see (or those that choose to see), is the reduction of the world population by 80-90%. Sounds like an extinction to me. And yes, America probably is the kingpin, it’s destruction essential. But who would believe any of this? Much too farfetched, some insane conspiracy theory cooked up by basement dwelling lunatics, right?

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