Parents Asked to Sign Waiver to Not Monitor Online Classes

Parents Asked to Sign Waiver to Not Monitor Online Classes

First of all, any agreement like this is not enforceable. Agree or not agree. Either way, record and post any questionable teachings.

Teachers can not, absolutely, can not decide any policy or procedure and do not have any authority to issue personal waivers, agreements, or contracts.

Any teacher attempting to do so should be sued by a group of parents as a class action.

These actions are outside the scope of their professional responsibility and is personal negligence; they can and should be personally liable.

Once it starts costing them their paycheck, they will stop. We need to hit them hard in their pocketbook. And after that keep on hitting them until they can no longer do any damage. Financial destitution is a start.

7 thoughts on “Parents Asked to Sign Waiver to Not Monitor Online Classes

  1. Seems like they have the college’s spewing their twisted ideology and now are going to start in grade school to indoctrinate future generations on how evil America is.

  2. When I was in school, the staff would start each year off with a class assembly where the Principal asserted that the teachers and staff were acting legally under the common law concept of In Loco Parentis.

    They justified their actions of educational decision making, “guidance” and “discipline” (including assault, theft, destruction of property, detention, verbal humiliation etc….), by this concept. They often acted with impunity to run the schools as only they knew and saw fit.

    Today, actions and decisions that affect the student’s and family’s personal safety, property, reputation, and access to a sound education, can be challenged based on more recent judicial interpretations of In Loco Parentis, which require that the actions of the teachers and staff must be “in the best interest of the child”.

    What a surprise it was when I discovered that challenges to incompetence, polite replies in opposition to inaccurate facts, or inappropriate statements or demands during instruction, usually resulted in an apology, or at least a cessation of the offensive or questionable behavior.

    Have the courage, and the knowledge, that you are the parent, especially in your own home, and that you and your children have rights under the same laws that the teachers and administrators are miss-interpreting when trying to establish dictatorial authority. A licensed teacher can never request a waiver for their own, or others, incompetent, negligent or illegal actions.

    • Become familiar with your own state and local laws and codes (don’t take the schools statements as legally justified). Do some research on your own to understand the limits, or lack thereof, to their authority.
    • Obtain and read a copy of your children’s Student Handbook.
    • Request and review a copy of the Faculty and Staff Handbook.
    • Establish a relationship with a trusted local attorney, and carry their card with you, for immediate use.
    • If an adversarial situation starts to develop, then:
    o Meet in person with school staff, including the most senior administrator. It’s amazing how a request of: “Here, please explain your position to our family attorney so we can understand your perception of the facts about this situation”, can adjust the teacher’s or administrator’s attitude.
    o If the situation persists, then meet with your attorney to discuss options. A well drafted letter from an attorney, including citation of relevant Federal State and Local codes, with case law precedents, obtained from a brief Lexis/Nexis search, is often sufficient to re-establish your legal rights.
    o If necessary, an in-person meeting with your attorney, and the schools legal representative, should resolve all but the most serious of disputes.
    o If a lawsuit needs to be filed for judicial resolution to protect the rights of your child and you, then so be it. Your prior preparation, research, and meetings, are all facts that may weigh in your favor in an impartial review
    • Don’t be afraid to contact local media and ask for guidance, support, and perhaps a few hundred helpful, or inquisitive, phone calls to the school’s office.
    o Include local, regional, or state-wide conservative media networks in your request for assistance, and to widen the exposure.
    o Use social media, to spread the facts that you know about the situation, and ask for guidance and support.

    Those who seek to control others have used these very same techniques over many decades to gradually achieve dominance. It’s now time to reverse the trend, and employ the same tactics and strategies to re-claim you and your family’s rights and freedoms, and re-establish local community control over their own school systems.

    1. The correct way to deal with this is for all the local concerned parents storm the school and tell the administrators to stop the Gestapo tactics. If people don’t take an active stand all freedoms will be taken away.

      1. Yes. Trump had also mentioned a bill or something so the funding would be tied directly to the child. The child goes to a different school, the funding follows.
        This also gives the parents (as a group) COMPLETE control of the school. Meaning, they now have the ‘buying’ power to affect curriculum and to kill (the careers) the teachers that have agendas that are anti-american and child-corrupting.
        We can not repeat enough. THEY WILL KEEP GOING UNTIL THEY ARE STOPPED.

  3. These communist must go!!
    They should not be allowed to get away with this.

  4. This is amazing that they are getting away with this. They should be fired and this should be outlawed. If we can not promote or indoctrinate right political views, then they shouldn’t be able to promote their leftist ideas. They should be defunded just like they want to defund the police.

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