Battlespace Prep

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You’ve no doubt heard the term ‘Battlespace Prep’ and know what it means. If not, it’s easy enough to figure out or look up. As has been stated in many places, the primary battlespace for the war we’re now in is your mind. Your mind has been, and is being, prepped. It’s been happening for decades.

How many Zombie movies have there been? The list is nearly endless. What do you see in the streets now? Aren’t these ‘peaceful demonstrators’ in actuality zombies? Violent, mindless husks programmed and bent on total destruction? How many of those zombie movies did you watch? Your mind was being prepped. It wasn’t, isn’t, entertainment, it’s psyops. How about ‘The Purge’ series of fairly recent movies? Haven’t seen those? They’re available on ‘Popcorntime’ movies online. The Purge is about legalized murder, mayhem in the streets. You are the target. Look around.

Hand in hand with the zombies are the pandemic movies, they often go together. It’s battlespace prep. Your mind being conditioned. Transhumanist movies, famine, all manner of ‘natural disaster’ movies. Climate change, on and on. ‘Natural disasters’? Are you familiar with ‘Operation Popeye’ during the Viet Nam war? It was climate control, the production of storms to destroy crops, infrastructure. Science fiction? Not at all. They’ve been in the climate business for a long time. Lyndon Johnson told us about it in 1962.
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Go and look at that WMH site and click on the ‘timeline’ button, see how long this has been going on. See what’s happening around you right now. It’s global. Everywhere.
What about the ‘Color Revolutions’ around the world, remember those?  Thought they were just something happening ‘over there’?  Though they weren’t movies, they were and are real, they are certainly scripted, planned to the last scene. Black is the color of the one happening in America right now. ‘They’ have been telling us all what they are doing for a long time. It was never just ‘entertainment’ (although ‘they’ may have found entertainment in seeing us gobble it up and ask for more).

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