3 thoughts on “Kayleigh McEnany answers questions on newly leaked Trump audio

  1. I do not trust/believe any “information” that is not coming from the source, I do trust Kayleigh as the spokesperson for POTUS. That being said I do not feel this the place for this sort of reposting.

    1. Do you find the compilation of riot videos we put up periodically to be informative?

  2. Am of two minds here. On one hand, re-posting content is very valuable & I wouldn’t want to see it curtailed. It does save much time, puts many ‘eyes in the field’ & provides a good volume of information.
    On the other hand, ‘information’ is just that…info. It’s not ‘knowledge’. Knowledge is gained through gathering, evaluating and verifying info. There’s discernment involved. We (a general ‘we’, not specific to here) swim in a flood of fast, easy info, & it’s easy to get complacent. Simply put, it’s important to dig into info, even if you don’t ‘like’ it. Even if you don’t like the one who presents info, even if you don’t trust the info. Even in blatant disinfo there’s often a nugget of truth. The opposite can hold true as well. It’s important for someone to do their own research (IMO). So, yeah, keep reposting, but keep digging on your own, too.

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