Obama-Biden Administration Imported Foreign Terrorists to Bolster ANTIFA’s Ranks

Obama-Biden Administration Imported Foreign Terrorists to Bolster ANTIFA’s Ranks

Please read the full article – this could be conspiracy or a well know fact that terrorist groups are managed from foreign countries. It makes too much sense to be simply discarded.

“A stunning report is indicating that the Obama administration imported foreign terrorists to the U.S. in preparation for the ANTIFA/Black Lives Matter uprising that is currently laying waste to America’s cities.”

Ukraine-based independent journalist George Eliason published the bombshell report on Tuesday alleging that the foreign terrorists were brought overseas due to the scheming of former President Barack H. Obama and CIA Director John Brennan.

“It is an American problem caused by the former Obama-Biden administration’s continuing coup against the Presidency of Donald Trump,” Eliason writes of the ANTIFA/BLM terror uprising.

Eliason noted that ANTIFA terrorists were trained in Syria as part of a Kurdish neo-Marxist fighting force. He believes that since ANTIFA are “part of an insurgency ground force with provable foreign government representation and foreign insurgents from terrorist groups,” Geneva Conventions protections no longer apply to them.

He also performed extensive investigative work to determine the origins of ANTIFA and their leadership. Through careful analysis of ANTIFA’s official website, his investigation led back to Ben Utzer, who Eliason describes as “Antifa’s German Pirate Party chubby, never miss a meal, pasty white leader of the boots on the ground Obama-Biden Antifa-BLM insurrection.”


3 thoughts on “Obama-Biden Administration Imported Foreign Terrorists to Bolster ANTIFA’s Ranks

  1. With that information if true, will obama and biden be prosecuted for treason. Nothing never seems to happen to these politicians when they get caught. We have laws for a reason.

    1. We have yet to see a prosecution on this level. Trump is reserving something actions until he is re-elected. After re-election, he will send in the ARNG + whatever else is required. We should see a massive crackdown on all this crap. He doesn’t have to consider getting re-elected (though his son Jr may be a candidate for 2024). This gives Trump massive freedom to execute orders. It will be short and sweet. It is then up to us to take the time (4 extra years) and secure our America locally.

      He may be able to do something more risky after the election. Whether or not we thought Trump really knew or cared what the Presidency means, he certainly does now and he absolutely loves this country and he understands the good he can do from his position.

      We might see social media lawsuits on a massive scale. Time reveals all they are doing like targeting conservatives on YT with democrat ads. It is a 20:1 ratio. Dealing with fake news, perhaps a promotion for alternative social media, and plans to keep going on The local levels. The reason you all see things here 1-2 days before Trump makes a speech on them should not be lost on our members. We are all on the same page.

  2. Not surprised. At some point, and even possibly now, there were more Muslims in the UK fighting for ISIS than for the British military. It’s crazy that this kind of infiltration can happen right under our noses!

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