NFAC makes plans to return to Louisville, KY on Derby Day

NFAC makes plans to return to Louisville, KY on Derby Day


The Black armed militia that marched through Louisville last month has announced plans to return on a big day for the city.

The leader of the “No F***ing Around Coalition,” or NFAC, posted another message for group members recently saying they have selected a “strategic date” to come back.


4 thoughts on “NFAC makes plans to return to Louisville, KY on Derby Day

  1. The irony of Negligent Firearms Accident Coalition marchers wearing a mask that says “I Can’t Breathe” is not lost on me! Love it

    1. They need those wheeled carts that are at shopping centers. With the missile found, rounds fired at air force one, and improved devices increasing their potential to kill; we know Antifa and BLM are domestic terrorist groups. Any other groups rising at this time would serve what other purpose.

      Especially now, why NFAC? Sure they may not be a well formed militia. It is however, to see grand master jay as a front man for a terrorist organization. Very easy. He has the crazy. He is willing to sacrifice the people he leads. He has some sort of charisma over them.

      The timing is interesting. NFAC has to be part of the higher level agenda. These marches are for marketing and recruiting. They pay some people to show up just like BLM.

      It’s looking 90%+ these groups will start activating more than they have during the election. The fireworks explosives will have metals added to increase legality. The first one that goes off on the unsuspecting officers will be terrible.
      They are shooting rounds that entered the air force one helicopter. A missile on our soil was found that can take down air force one planes as they land or take off – when counter measures are not activated or effective.

      All signs point to it IS happening.

  2. Think they worked on their trigger discipline this time?

    1. If not, they are going to have some more black on black violence!
      Then they will blame white people – ‘the man’ must have done it.
      I have yet to see this ‘the man’ going around and slapping books out of these idiots hands.

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