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  1. Done! Sorry I’m late to the party… I didn’t get (and haven’t been getting) email notifications from ACP and this is the first time I’ve been able to get on all week to look at the ACP website… not sure what’s up

  2. Why can’t we be Republicans, conservatives, pro-Trump, etc. without saying hateful things about people like Michelle Obama? I despise that woman and everything she stands for but I am not going to call her a man or get racial about her. It cheapens us and completely destroys our credibility. It makes us all look like racist ,sexist a-holes. Most of us love America, love our freedoms, and are not racist or sexist or hateful in any way. We need to shame these bigots and remove them from our forum because our cause is patriotic, respectable, and urgently necessary. I will not stand with racists or cro-magnon sexists. And BTW, please remove the stupid bell and chat icons from my screen. So annoying. Thanks.

    1. Seems like you got a lot on your mind. Are you doing OK?
      So many complaints to address. No one single person speaks for all of us – that is group think and is what the liberals and radicals do.
      You should probably change from that way of thinking and then you will no longer see everyone is groups as you so listed.

      For the bigots, sexists, racists, and other things you think you see here – it is your duty to point them out specifically, so they can be addressed. Maybe a frozen garden hose beating from a local cop..

      A general, non-direct, passive aggressive comment is like shouting in the dark when you are all alone.

      For the Notifications on the left and the live chat on the right, this is the first complaint.
      We get around 300 help or other requests per day on the live chat- should we take it down just for you?

      This is the first complaint on the left corner notifications. Maybe you do not understand its use.
      You will see it change if you return to the website now, because you have a response to your comment.
      It is for you to see other members who are interacting with you. You can use the live chat to send complaints directly.

      Anything else on your mind?
      Feel free to email admin@ directly if you have other questions or if you want to secretly point out the terrible racist, bigot, sexist in our group.

      Sometimes it is best to put the phone, tablet, computer away for the rest of the day when it is stressing you out.
      Seeing all this bad stuff 24/7 none stop affects everyone. Some lash out, some go drunk driving trough a graveyard.

      You will feel 100% better if you take a break from the crack that social media is. Many members have the same issues – because they are people.

      Ohh, for the cro-magnon specifically, I will block them, let me know!
      Anyone that is not on the same evolutionary scale we homo-sapiens are on is not welcome here (they are smarter and will quickly take over).

    2. MiC-T- I’m late, only now seeing your comment. Though I don’t agree, I think I see where you are coming from and sympathize to an extent. It appears you want to take a stand on the moral high ground, as it were. That is admirable in most circumstances. However, these people are instruments of forces that want you and I and all we may stand for, eliminated. Eliminated by any means necessary. They have said so publicly, many times. Given that, it’s like you’re condemning someone for being impolite to the guards leading them to the gas chamber.
      Just my opinion, and no offense intended.

  3. Done! The DNC is an absolute cringe fest. They turned YouTube comments off last night because they couldn’t censor the roast. The way things are looking, there is no way JoeBlow2020 takes the ticket. But I’ll be voting and supporting my candidates anyway! Trump 2020! ACP!

    1. Reporting back: We’re definitely not alone!
      7k comments – Can’t find many positives. No logical defense of the Sleepy/Slut plan found.

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