Member Post: Of Coups and Minds

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According to Sibel Edmonds, the 6 Stages of a coup are;

1. Attack and weaken the economy.

2. Create riots and chaos.

3. Neutralize local sheriff and police forces.

4. Recruit military generals.

5. Bring back old faces and prop them up as coup leaders.

6. Take over.

We see that stages 1 and 2 are in effect nationwide and stage 3 is well underway. Backchannels suggest stage 4 is being implemented as well. The ‘Open Letter to General Milley’ that appeared in Defense One on 11 August, 2020, appears to be no small trace evidence of this. In short, this letter calls on General Milley, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, to militarily remove Donald Trump from office on 20 January, 2021, if Trump refuses to relinquish the Presidency.

(full text of the letter can be seen here: )

As far as stage 5, bringing back old faces, is the Biden/Harris ticket as sign of this? Perhaps, but consider Biden’s obvious mental deterioration. His is certainly not the face of a strong leader, but what about his replacement ? Harris, or someone else? Food for thought.

How can this coup be neutralized? Will Citizens in the streets do it? Your overlords have already planned for that and are waiting for you to make the move. Voting? Certainly this upcoming election is a tipping point, but may well be the last election we see. Understand that we are at war. Now, this minute. Your mind is a large part of that battlefield. Monitor your thoughts and emotions. It’s a war on many fronts. COVID, riots, Sustainable Development, the Green New Deal, 5G, vaccines and more are all fronts in this war. Educate yourself. If you’re not familiar with UN Agenda 21, learn about it. It’s not just coming, it’s here. It’s taken deep root in your schools, your local governments, your public institutions, your libraries, grocery stores, in nearly every aspect of your lives. Learn what’s behind Agenda 21, learn about the Technocrats. They’ve been working toward this for a very, very long time. What’s at stake here isn’t just the survival of the American Republic, or the survival of Western Civilization, it’s the survival of the species itself. This isn’t an exaggeration.

In all of this, don’t give up, don’t lose hope and your heart. If anything, use this to become stronger, smarter, more resilient. They need you to be ill-informed, fractured, afraid and compliant. Every time you learn something about their plans and say ‘no’, every instance of your non-compliance, is a loss for them. A tiny cut to the Leviathan. Defeat them with a thousand tiny cuts, over and over. A thousand times over. They can be defeated.

3 thoughts on “Member Post: Of Coups and Minds

  1. Yeah, the ANTIFA and BLM folks don’t care about engaging in dialog.
    They don’t want to talk to you or anyone else who isn’t 100% on-board with their agenda of destroying what has been built over the past few centuries so they can rebuild it and put themselves into positions of power.
    Trying to talk to those people is a complete waste of time.

    They’re like little soy-filled Terminators.

    “Listen. Understand. ANTIFA and BLM are out there. They can’t be reasoned with, they can’t be bargained with. They don’t feel pity, remorse, or fear and they absolutely will not stop. Ever. Until you are dead.”

    ANTIFA came to the KC Metro the first week of June and in only 3 nights of rioting they had been so decimated by arrests from the KCPD and surrounding law enforcement agencies that their handlers/instigators have completely abandoned the area.
    Listening to it on the digital scanner was hilarious because KCPD had a really good game plan for this and they executed on it flawlessly.
    We only get tiny protests now and then from an activist, self-serving lawyer who tries to start a protest just to get people arrested so she can have them bailed out with the bondsmen she has deals with and then get paid to rep them in court. Everyone ignores them or yells at them as they drive by and they only last about an hour before fizzling out.
    Even the local cops are ignoring her protests thus depriving her of an antagonist to riot against.
    We’re holding things down pretty well here in the KC Metro and everyone not-communist here supports their local law enforcement.
    And we keep our commies contained to the KU campus/open-prison in Lawrence, well outside the metro where they can only bother themselves.

  2. I’ve been listening to my instinct and it tells me that voting is a must but as you said this is a war in its beginning stages. Reasoning with blm or Antifa is like Chamberlin trying to reason with Hitler. Rule of law must be carried out by our justice system right now or we the citizens will have to step in and do it. At this point it’s going to have to be done with greater force than what LE is using!

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