Member Post: There Are So Many Of Us Out There

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Member Post: There Are So Many Of Us Out There

With the television programming and the social media algorithms against us, combined with the isolating lock down, it is easy to drift into the negative outlook that we are alone during these trying times.

Some of us are lucky and our incomes have not been turned off. But there are millions of business owners and employees with families across the United States who do not know where their next paycheck is coming from. Having a mouth to feed other than your own is perhaps one of the base instincts that drives a human.

Carlos Zapata here takes it to a city council in California. A fine example of freedom of speech, and a fine example of how we can do our part aside from posting, voting, and donating. It takes a lot of balls to do what Carlos did, and he’s probably on a couple lists by this point.

After watching this, and the large-scale positive response, my morale is sky-high.

3 thoughts on “Member Post: There Are So Many Of Us Out There

  1. I saw a gentleman in our local grocery store , no mask — and just to help make his point open carrying! I think he might be onto something

  2. Yes! Oh fucking Hell Yes! Of course he’s on lists. So are you and I. So what. Are we really that afraid of being seen? My god, we need to be seen, and heard. If we’re really that afraid, we’re not worthy of freedom. I’m really getting tired (no, make that getting pissed off) at seeing everyone in town slouched over and masked up. (Fauci’s Burkas) Getting pissed off at getting hassled for not wearing a mask. Had a guy in the grocery store stop and ask me how I got in without a mask on. Told him I just walked through the door. Cattle in the stockyard. No! I will not comply, I will not submit! Bravo to Carlos and his stones! Let’s show them ours. (apologies to the ladies here)

    1. Well said! I feel like a Jedi using the force as I walk down the sidewalk maskless and people jump across the street to stay away from me. The dirty looks make me stronger. Here’s to Carlos and the million (in my opinion, millionS) just like him!

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