Take Your Country Back

Take Your Country Back

We want to reiterate, the fight is on. And it’s been on. We are seeing where it’s at. It is at every state, every county, and every city.

It is at the voting booths. It always has been. We have let things slide. We’ve been busy. We take care of our families and businesses. We work many hours to pay the bills and to try to have a nice life. And maybe we haven’t spent as much time as we should watching what is happening.

In our absence and essentially, supervision; liberals and extremist have been able to push policies, regulations, and laws into place that have been setting the stage for what is happening now.

What is happening now is just a small preview on what is going to happen in the future if we do not stop all these agendas at the local levels.

We need to help each other as Americans and as Patriots. Not everyone has the time to read a 200 page document that is really just a scheme to funnel money into democratic socialist projects.

ACP is looking for people that can help start analyzing and summarizing these policies and regulations the left is pushing. We did a article on the new green deal which seemed to be popular by summarizing what it does. If you have the knowledge or experience to do something similar for all ACP members, which is a massive audience, please follow up.

Source; BlackScoutSurvival on YouTube

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