SWARM 2 : (Minneapolis, MN)Absolutely Crazy BLM At Police Union President Home

SWARM 2 : (Minneapolis, MN)Absolutely Crazy BLM At Police Union President Home

These people start off crazy and get progressively more and more cray. They all think it is OK. They say “fuck the blue line, fuck white people”, and on and on. Let us do another test. Crazy starts at 4:30 and onward if you like getting shouts at – you – because it is at you. If you are are not a Patriot – they are talking directly to you.

SWARM test 2 – We are sure this youtube channel is not moderated. Let’s find out.
LINK: Tell them what you think. This is one of the least effort things a Patriot can do. You can do it from your chair. You do not have to move. It does not cost anything.

Tell them what you think of their hatred. It is ok to not sign as ACP – as long as you ay something.

If you need an anonymous email account – protonmail is based in Switzerland and is very very popular which means it works very very well. We will identify other means for protecting identities as well.

Without further delay, the main show, the master of disaster, the lying muthefuckers! BTW, they are talking about some hanging somewhere probably 3-4-5 generations ago and trying to blame this family for it. What about the African slave markets that this guys ancestors probably managed?

Black tribes conquered, captured, raped (all female children were raped or sold/kept as sex slaves) and sold the losing tribes people. Then black people setup the entire African Continental slavery trade routes and markets. Think 50 guys on a boat did all that?!? It is fucking stupid.

15 thoughts on “SWARM 2 : (Minneapolis, MN)Absolutely Crazy BLM At Police Union President Home

  1. Done.
    “ Looks like reparation moochers and black racists are busy making completely new enemies.” My YT comment.

  2. Hmmm…my comment reappeared. I was sooooo happy, I just had to make a few more.

  3. Done. These people are one hypocritical concept after another. Absolutely disgusted by the low-IQ useful idiots and their capacity to hate thoughtlessly!

  4. very good. you can select the filter option (3 lines that look like switches) and sort by most recent. our email server is very slow today. we are looking at 1-2 hour delays when the email was sent (publish date of the post). We see here many comments that are our members.
    We are looking at email options – sending out 10k emails a day adds up. And providers may think we are risky ‘alt-right’ so many do not approve our account.
    We may setup an alternate domain, which appears to be a regular business and send emails through it.
    We have already minimized the home page and updated the FAQ to be a ‘concierge news platform’. Lets see that that works.
    Keep posting everyone! We can see it absolutely works!
    When others see, then they will be encouraged to join too.

    1. Ha! I see my comment was immediately deleted. Took about 2 minutes & it was scrubbed.

      1. interesting. we are getting to them. sounds like they want even more comments.
        perhaps they just are not getting it.

      2. I wrote two comments, and one also got deleted (my first comment).

      3. ya I saw the same thing with mine so I re-posted and commented across 5 separate comments… so we’ll see I guess haha

          1. haha ya… but they have since disabled comments on that video

          2. we hammered them.

  5. Done. Man there is soooo much hate… how can anyone with that much hate and emotion make conscious sane decisions to lead people?

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