2020-08-15 Member Notice: ACP News, New Email Server

Hello all members,

We are excited to update all of you on the state of ACP. We added this platform (ACP) as an easier to use, and more functional website for our members. This was almost one month ago. This addition required us to import the user accounts from the other website and start building out the new sections and functionality the old platform did not allow.

Overall, it has been a success. We had a couple hiccups :
– when we released this platform, we did not require members to log in – when we added this requirement, members that had never had to use their credentials had to reset their password. We watched this go one a week or so as we started locking down our content for members only.
– we also had limitations on the email server. the default was 500/hr*24hrs (12k/day – we need 10x that at a minimum) – this was not even close to the throughput we needed – we reduced the emails we were sending to mitigate – we also believe some emails may have never reached members on the end of the mail list, however the software orders it.
– we added new features – user verification, user location, site wide notices, private messaging, groups (similar to forums), and other features not activated – these enhancements are critical to the mission of ACP

This notice serves two purposes – 1) a member update, 2) a new email server test

Here is what we are asking: if you received this link in an ACP email, but have never received an email from ACP before (or at least not 1 per day): comment below. If there are more than 20 comments, we can assume it was an issue that is solved and no more comments needed.

Thank you,

8 thoughts on “2020-08-15 Member Notice: ACP News, New Email Server

  1. Yes, I’ve received about 3 emails including this one. And it worked everyone I opened.

    1. I forgot to add that I opened all them through my desktop computer and the one I tried to open on my cell phone had a error yesterday.

  2. I was able to reach it through the email link today now , only error was yesterday

    1. Very good. We fixed that error.
      (Probably added another one lol)
      Are you receiving duplicate emails for the same post, but different text inside the email?

  3. Since registering with ACP when it was first started I had only received 3 emails not counting this one.

    1. Thank you for the info. Glad you are getting the emails now. We are still working out the Technolgy (IoT out and other compliance) and should have a very reliable and solid notification system.

  4. The link that came in my email opened as an error. I reached this post through the INTEL tab.

  5. This is the first email I have received from ACP, since registering yesterday.
    Thank you.

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