Suddenly, BLM People can Police Themselves

Suddenly, BLM People can Police Themselves

We are starting to hear this a lot. “We can police ourselves” Every attempt fails. And now, after decades of black on black murders, suddenly, they are going to do something about it. Before was not the right time apparently. But now, yes, they are on it. They say, “We’ll take care of our own problems.” and then of course, “We gotta stop the evil white people racism first.” Liars, losers, a day late and a dollar short.

You see, black lies do matter – they are right about that.

Who is going ot take care of it?

The people that claim they can take care of it, can stop murdering people. But what about the gangs, and just plain evil people that choose not to participate in their ‘stop killing plans’?

This is where reality comes into play. If they could do something to stop it, they would have already. In fact, it would not even be an issue now. These people have a Savior Complex, a severe mental disorder, where they believe only they can do something to correct what they think is wrong. And delusions of grandeur is also a requirement to believe they can become the savior over an entire people; when they fail at controlling one person – themselves.

People don’t like being controlled. Evil people will not cooperate. That is why police are necessary. These brain damaged young people think they are just now discovering all the issues in society that the older generation are not aware of. We already know, you half wits. That is why we have created a civilized system and abide by our social contracts to live within it. And we also created something called the constitution and criminal and civil law.

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  1. These riots are a designed to wear down support for the current administration. If you notice, the same orgs come out every 4 years just prior to presidential elections. These aren’t volunteers, they’re paid agitators. Project Veritas has a great undercover video about antifa, explaining their tactics, ideology.

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