2020-08-14 EVENT ALERT: Seattle, WA (Central District)- BLM Terrorizing Residential Areas

2020-08-14 EVENT ALERT; Seattle, WA (Central District)- BLM Terrorizing Residential Areas

BLM has been going around terrorizing locals in central district, saying they need to give up their homes and businesses because at they put it, gentrification. 

Antifa threatened a church revival get together in Cal Anderson park, saying it’s their park and they don’t want them there. 

Phase 3 has started. Recall moving from the public city center areas to the residential areas is the next steps. Harassing regular citizens in their neighborhoods, testing response and reactions, before escalating the violence.

We were not sure if this phase was going to happen and certainly not this soon. It was always a possibility – now a reality.

What is Next?

Recall the domestic terrorist group following that mentally ill old swazzi lady home and vandalizing her house last week. Nothing happened – no police – no consequences. Here is the result.

BLM are screaming throughout the night ‘I cant read [breath], you cant sleep’. Lack of sleep does something to people. Normal people will go off and do crazy shit when sleep deprived. There will be confrontations – yelling form the homes since the police do nothing. BLM will keep pushing.

Next, the residents will start coming outside. This is where it gets predictably unpredictable. We may not ever know who attacks first. Once it happens, other groups are going to come. Patriot groups. The guys that do heavy damage. At some point a shot will be fired.

If you live in these areas, or know anyone that does – you need to fortify.
– Make the ingress to your exposed entries difficult – not a straight line – obstacles – a couch or table
– Inside, create by setting up barriers, a kill area – depending upon your construction, you may have a hall way – setup at the end. For open plans, a couch or something else so they have to go around something to get it. The goal is one entry, no doors or windows. No escape for them. (so you can peacefully detain)
– hardened steel plates 1/8-1/4″ or 1/2’+ of softer steel can be used to stop or slow stay rounds – rounds bounce, be mindful
– most importantly, have multiple first aid kits

This sounds very dramatic and over the top. If this is going on in your neighborhood you need to take some precautions. When the situation escalates, the terrorists may just go open season, kick in doors for cover, and you are just in their way.

Make friends with your neighbors if you have not already. Ask what they are doing (probably nothing or ‘i’ll call the police’). See how you can help.

If you are not equipped for dealing with these situations, then stay our of the fray. It is difficult to tell who is who. Protect your perimeter, help others reach yours if you have that arrangement, and survive. We all still you need to vote!


2 thoughts on “2020-08-14 EVENT ALERT: Seattle, WA (Central District)- BLM Terrorizing Residential Areas

    1. The 3% are mostly in multicam uniform, though many are plain clothes. You can spot them because they are heavily kitted (vests, ceramic plates, communications equipment on person). Many of the 3%ers are retired and active military. The name of the organization represents a rough calculation of the numbers. Estimated US population – of those. how many are enlisted and inactive. 3% of the roughly 300,0000,000 citizens. This number is significant. This is why the prospect of a civil war, and if these groups get involved (and they absolutely will be involved), will be a BIG problem for these domestic terrorist groups.

      A scenario is if an event happens, an insurgency, there will be a period of time before it starts (rounds fired, beatings, killings on the street, home invasions, improvised devices on gov structures, including supply routes) and when it is recognized (this is the element of surprise they have) before law enforcement, national guard, then us military will be deployed. It was hours before regular citizens knew WTF happened at 9/11. You may hear loud sounds, unsure of what they are, then yelling, then it coming closer.

      You better PRAY you live near one of these 3%ers or other.

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