2020-08-15 Event Alert Kalamazoo, MI – Proud Boys Protest Downtown – Ticket Included

2020-08-15 Event Alert Kalamazoo, MI – Proud Boys Protest Downtown – Ticket Included

The media calls the Proud Boys an alt-right group, known for violence. Along with the are the Bikers for Trump. Where BLM is not violence. Maybe they are not alt-right but just Right. ProudBoysUSA.com

There is probably going to be some cool bikes on display and other all american activities. Maybe some good old fashion communist and socialist er.. something.

It is your call. If you are in the area and have never been or seen one of these events, where Patriots are waving flags, supporting each other and FINALLY showing a presence against these domestic terrorist groups – try it. If you are not up to it, stay far away or dont go. You can also leave at any time.

We all have to realize we stand for something or we a=fall for everything. The days of the sideline and hiding are over. It is go time. These are the last days of the election. Anyone that has not chosen a side does so depending upon what they see and hear (because if they e read, it would be obvious).

Do they see only BLM, ANTIFA, and other domestic terrorist? Or do they see the Right options.

RECOMMENDATION: Attend if you are up to it and around. Maybe not bring your family or small children. Lets post some videos in the comments here of other rallies these same groups have shown up for.

This election is ours to lose.

9 thoughts on “2020-08-15 Event Alert Kalamazoo, MI – Proud Boys Protest Downtown – Ticket Included

  1. Level 4 plates, kevlar helmet, 200 rounds, AR in 556, water, bear spray (non lethal option) laser resistant optics,gloves, boots etc.
    Smoke grenades (Enola Gay EG18, best civilian version I have found)all of us are ham, so we have a mix of Baofeng radios with headsets.
    On a couple protests, we went “gray” with 3A armor under loose clothing, concealed sidearm, radios with ear bud, bear spray and oh…lots of flexcuffs. Fortunately so far the show of force was enough to make them back down and behave. Sorry for the late reply, but Our local training group has been training 3 weekends a month, and I have formed and am training a local MAG of 30 and growing. CERT classes next week!

  2. I would def recommend leaving the kids at home if anyone plans to attend . Being that proud boys are such a pro-American group (what does ALT even mean ) it’s the media’s fabricated narrative of what actually is just patriots that stand for what America is and has always been . Absolutely time to come out of the silence and stand for what’s GOOD and makes us a great nation . Already have friends who have gotten mail in ballots in multiples from prior home owners that either no longer exist , are not even citizens and no joke , pets names ! It is our election to lose and we need to get a WIN in Michigan! Kzoo is a very liberal / socialist town but I believe the majority is on the right but just tired of getting property damaged and stay quiet because of threats and intimidation. Time to stand our ground people

  3. We need this. Wish we had known earlier. Thank you to all of you who participate. Kalamazoo is a bit far for us but we will be with you in spirit and will look for future events.

    1. We will put up an event calendar for these events nationwide for all groups. It will take a lot of help from the ACP community to get the info!
      email or report intel if you are up to the task (to all members who see this comment).

      1. Perfect , look forward to watching the network at ACP grow and get off the bench ! Keep spreading the word !

  4. America Baby. Payback. Only thing is…the fake news will try and crucify them. Screw CNN!!!!!!

    1. If anything should be in flames in our country it should be cnn and the media demons

  5. Right on. I attended several BLM rallies here in MO, in full battle rattle…Makes them calm down

    1. Glad to hear. What gear are you rockin?
      To give some ideas to other members 🙂

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