An Open Letter to Gen. Milley

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An Open Letter to Gen. Milley

Excerpts from an open letter to General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, published on August 11, 2020, in Defense One.  Link to full article here;

“Dear General Milley: 

As chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, you are well aware of your duties in ordinary times: to serve as principal military advisor to the president of the United States, and to transmit the lawful orders of the president and Secretary of Defense to combatant commanders. In ordinary times, these duties are entirely consistent with your oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic…” 

We do not live in ordinary times. The president of the United States is actively subverting our electoral system, threatening to remain in office in defiance of our Constitution. In a few months’ time, you may have to choose between defying a lawless president or betraying your Constitutional oath. We write to assist you in thinking clearly about that choice. If Donald Trump refuses to leave office at the expiration of his constitutional term, the United States military must remove him by force, and you must give that order. “

“There can be little doubt that Mr. Trump is facing electoral defeat.

The Economist estimates that Mr. Trump’s chances of losing the election stand at 91 percent. “

“Then the clock will strike 12:01 PM, January 20, 2021, and Donald Trump will be sitting in the Oval Office. The street protests will inevitably swell outside the White House, and the ranks of Trump’s private army will grow inside its grounds. The speaker of the House will declare the Trump presidency at an end, and direct the Secret Service and Federal Marshals to remove Trump from the premises. These agents will realize that they are outmanned and outgunned by Trump’s private army, and the moment of decision will arrive.

At this moment of Constitutional crisis, only two options remain. Under the first, U.S. military forces escort the former president from the White House grounds. Trump’s little green men, so intimidating to lightly armed federal law enforcement agents, step aside and fade away, realizing they would not constitute a good morning’s work for a brigade of the 82nd Airborne. Under the second, the U.S. military remains inert while the Constitution dies. The succession of government is determined by extralegal violence between Trump’s private army and street protesters; Black Lives Matter Plaza becomes Tahrir Square.

As the senior military officer of the United States, the choice between these two options lies with you. In the Constitutional crisis described above, your duty is to give unambiguous orders directing U.S. military forces to support the Constitutional transfer of power. Should you remain silent, you will be complicit in a coup d’état. You were rightly criticized for your prior active complicity in the president’s use of force against peaceful protesters in Lafayette Square. Your passive complicity in an extralegal seizure of political power would be far worse. “

Respectfully yours,
John Nagl and Paul Yingling”

John Nagl, a retired Army officer and veteran of both Iraq wars, is Head of School at The Haverford School outside Philadelphia.

Paul Yingling, a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, served three tours in Iraq, another in Bosnia, and a fifth in Operation Desert Storm.

Do you see the reversal here? It is those complicit in the coup against the President and this country who accuse the President of attempting a coup.
Sibel Edmonds presented a very clear analysis of this coup in progress, predicting this very action taking place, a compromised faction within the military taking control.  Presentation of Edmonds analysis is in the works.

4 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Gen. Milley

  1. I’ve seen good and bad “O”s.
    These two (bad ‘o’) idiots I wouldn’t piss on if they were on fire.
    Its unfortunate that shit often floats to the top.

  2. The Democrats are against every Constitutional and Amendment (2nd amendment) rights this country was fought and died for by hundreds of thousands of heroes fighting to protect those very rights described in those sacred rights.
    I believe that we should require an in-person and verified US citizenship identification be required in all elections as it has been for my entire life.

    1. We should. We also need to cover VbM this election cycle. It is happening regardless.

  3. John Nagl, a retired Army officer and veteran of both Iraq wars, is Head of School at The Haverford School outside Philadelphia.

    Haverford is a heaping pile of leftist indoctrination.

    Seditious treasonous ex military officials concerned for their civilian careers

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