A Warning From Yugoslavia: Don’t Let Socialism Come to America

A Warning From Yugoslavia: Don’t Let Socialism Come to America

This person, a subject matter expert on the events in her country, details the steps that took place that lead to the civil war in Yugoslavia. We have pointed out over and over and over the the playbook – each step has been executed by the democratic socialists party.

The democratic party no longer exists. Kamila ‘Servant of Satan’ Madwomen, the nominated Vice President if they win, a shadow president for Biden, has clearly defined in her speech, what hey intent to do. And they will do it.

The speaker here outlines one of our behind the scenes problem – how to tell friend from foe. It is not so easy. How can we tell Police from militia, from military, from antifa, from BLM, from citizen… the list goes on. It is not so simple and as the fog increases, it gets more difficult.

We received a few proposals on identification.
– It should be visible when needed
– It should be difficult to counterfeit
– It should be concealable but still readable
– It should be commodity, of the shelf (COTS) hardware
– It should be cheap so everyone can afford it

We have identified a very good solution that meets all of these requirements. American Contingency Platform members: is this something you would be interested it?

7 thoughts on “A Warning From Yugoslavia: Don’t Let Socialism Come to America

  1. Thanks for the info! Good message and insight. Americans please wake up! The time to act is almost gone. I leave you with a hope for peace and safety for you and your loved ones.

  2. Yes indeed.
    More tools and a good understanding of how to use them please and thank you!

  3. Thanks for the video. Very useful insight on current events from the lens of the past.
    God bless.

  4. Been waiting for it and pondering how we could accomplish that very thing.

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