ALL MEMBER BULLETIN: You Are Activated – YouTube Swarm

ALL MEMBER BULLETIN: You Are Activated – YouTube Swarm

ALL MEMBERS: it is test time. When you view this post, ACP wants to do a demonstration. This demonstration is for the ACP members. You need to show each other, en mass, what a significant presence can do. This test is very easy. Simply go to this CNN video and write what you think in the comments . You can sign It as ACP.

This video is Kamila blaming Trump for Covid, the economy issues due to covid and then she compares this pandemic to Ebola where two poeple died. She actually compares them as similar.

She then goes to explain the electoral college system for voting. The Popular Vote strategy ACP wrote about is very real and will be implemented by Democrats. This will take account of each vote by state and the country. Large cities will over rule the less populous areas. Farmers will be dictated by some assholes in the city that have never grown a plant or animal.

Then for a final throat cut to America, she vows to implement the Green Revolution, which we know is Agenda 21 and the New Green Deal. This will shutdown many industries and create a givernment controlled brand of production. These will not be private companies creating solar panels. These will be government owned and operated manufacturing facilities.

All these tactics we have seen before in history. They are the seconds steps on implementing socialism. The first steps were the division of people’s in a country by religion (Bosnia) or ethnicity, or other.

I asked if you are committed before. Are you sincerely serious about taking action – the online information war and offline. They are very serious.

They are telling us exactly what they will do. To our faces; publicly. Because they have seen we just take it like a coward.

Go here. Comment your thoughts. Sign ACP so others members can see. Setup a anonymous account if you need – will will be taking many more actions online. If we don’t push back and say this is wrong , they will not even consider they are wrong. Doing nothing is going to cost us all more than we have.


34 thoughts on “ALL MEMBER BULLETIN: You Are Activated – YouTube Swarm

  1. ooooo that pisses me off SOOOO BAD!!!! I can’t see my post from another account but when I login with my ACP gmail account I can see it… oooo that’s irritating!

    1. This is a good discovery in a way. I have also noticed youtube play ONLY democrat advertisements on fox channels.
      This is what we are talking about – they don’t do this stuff if it doesn’t work – IT DOES. We need to step up our game online.
      I believe we need to start taking our stuff to them – to their channels – put it in their face.
      They have been pushing it our face long enough. Time for some pay back.

  2. I posted, but don’t see my comment yet viewing from another account. Maybe because I said I was voting for Trump. Funny, a post saying they would rather vote for Satan was showing.

    1. yes, CNN is moderating every single comment. They have a team – probably an entire floor of people manually reviewing each comment.
      They are only pushing positive remarks. Even sarcasm is caught so it has to be humans reviewing it. – not AI

      1. yup it’s got to be humans reviewing the comments. They’re probably also paying those people booko-bucks to do it too. That’s a TON of work to go through each comment like that

        1. The un-american bastards have probably outsourced it to a a call center you know where.

  3. very interesting – they have hired moderators to hide negative comments. You can see your own comment, but not others that are not approved.

    That is one way to control the narrative and they are the best scumbags in their class.

    We can target some half-retarded liberal next test.

  4. Private window – 12,769 Comments (my comment shows)
    Public – 12,770 Comments (without my comment showing up)

    ACP45 2020 40 minutes ago

    Google strikes again – Guess I need a parallel ‘public’ google account ?

  5. done and done! man that was just so hard to listen to. There are soooo many things that are just crap being spewed out of her mouth.

    1. Yes. it is alarming. they mean every single word. they will do it.

  6. I did it. I went back a few hours later and I haven’t seen any comments tagged w/ ACP or any new comments at all. Are we getting through? is it working?

    1. seeing some of the email logs – the email may not have reached most members. this actually could have been happening for sometime.
      we should have been sending about 80,000 (or 50% more on busier days) emails out per day with a 24 hour sliding window for delivery.
      A contributing factor can be that it is a work day. The evening traffic ha started we can see.

  7. We need a serious presence to stand up to the Democrat garbage. There should be thousands of comments from true, Patriotic Americans. Its past time for the silent majority to get engaged!

  8. These marxist radicals MUST be defeated in November!! God bless America and each and every one.

  9. Done. Half of the pro-Harris comments start like, “As a European,”

  10. I went to the video, it gave an error. But I am using Dissenter Browser.
    I diffidently don’t want either biden or harris in.
    If we could get a dem more like JFK, I might consider a dem in the WH.

  11. Socialism is failure and we will do whatever is needed to prevent this failure from happening. I will vote, mobilize, and counter any overreaction to free market capitalism and our constitutional republic. The green new deal is trash and should be treated as such.

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