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Member Supplies PSA

Some things you might need, if you don’t already have them;

5 gallon GI water cans  $24;

20 liter NATO gas cans $42;  (not CARB compliant)

I was going to link to Augason Farms foods, but I see they are out of stock of everything!  Cupboard is bare. But, you already have food put away, right?
Anyway, the above water cans are the cheapest I’ve found (and yes, I bought some and they are the real deal). Scepter cans go for around $50, twice the price.
The gas cans linked above are real NATO cans.  I’ve seen Wavian cans going for $150, Valpros for around $120 or so.
I’ve purchased water and gas cans from the linked suppliers and can recommend both.

This is a post worth commenting on by everyone – what you have – what you need. 
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5 thoughts on “Member Supplies PSA

  1. LCI link still isnt working, thanks for the heads up!

    1. Updated – did not find the original link but there are a green and a tan gov surplus can options.

  2. I don’t know why the LCI link isn’t redirecting properly. It worked before. If it doesn’t work for you, just go to & enter what you’re looking for. It’s a mil contractor, there’s a ‘search store’ window that lists individual base stores, if you want to go that route. I just place an order & it ships from wherever has most stock.

  3. I recommend the Grayl Geopress for an individual size container. After filtration you are left with 24oz of drinkable water and the filters are easy to replace.

  4. A good water filtration system and water treatment supplies are essential. Water is heavy.

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