NG Barr: Antifa A New Form of Urban Guerrilla Warfare

NG Barr: Antifa A New Form of Urban Guerrilla Warfare

We hope it is not going to come to this every day. We watch as the country slides every day. Today, weapons caches found – not baseball bats or bricks. They have caches of something that will be as effective as domestic terrorist that wields it. We can make jokes – but it is looking less and less like a joke. A single madman with a weapon can do a lot damage.

As we have been saying here from day one, they are coordinated. They have have local groups in small towns by other names. They are all domestic terrorists. They have a plan.

Sure, when it comes time, some will freak out and not show. Some will crack under pressure. But they are on a lot of medication (prescription SSRIs and amphetamines) their parents put them on that blocks human emotions like empathy and only leaves the lizard brain primal drivers like rage and fear. This is not an exaggeration – we have seen people on those – they are like ghosts or shells. Perfect recruits for BLM and ANTIFA.

So here we are. We know the election day assault plans – are these caches for this day or before?

Logistics – When placing caches, you plan for some to be discovered. So you plant multiple, small caches. Some move locations on a schedule or when intel indicates they will be compromised. Known compromised locations become taps so those are sacrificed. No single location is critical – it is setup so many caches can be compromised. Sometimes honeypot trap caches become available again when the event happens.

My point: what we find is a very small, non-critical, portion of these weapon caches.

We hope no event will happen. Today, it looks like it is on. It is not up too us – they will make the first move – we will be ready.

But don’t go crazy. As citizens of this great country we have two duties: vote and prepare. We must do both.

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