Should We Fight?

Should We Fight?

This man get its. The war has been happening. It is a political war. It has been going on since this country was born. As Trump put it, “The world is not a pretty place”. It is not. Each country is in competition for land, water, and other resources with other countries. This will NEVER change. At the same time, people within each country are competing for control of the same for power and control over others. And at the same time, there exists people, cooperating in groups for both good and bad guy agendas.

We see the bad guy agenda – it is in our face more each day. It is happening. It has been happening. Where have you been?

The United States is more difficult to control by design; each state governs itself, within its capacity, as long as it does not conflict with the blanket Government laws and regulations (Supremacy Act). This is why driving ages, fire arms regulations, and housing codes are different from state to state.

By design, the United States has to be taken over state by state. And for each state, city by by or the largest city. Look around – that is what is happening. New York, California, Washington, Oregon – the list goes on. Controls have been put into place that your grand parents or parents would never even thought possible only 15-20 years ago. But here we are.

This is a Political War

In order to make it possible for the the next stages that we are seeing – marching domestic terrorists free to do what they want all over the country – changes in social acceptance and the support of the local governments have to take place. We see this in Oregon every night. Antifa could not even exist 15 years ago – they would be stopped and locked up. But now, the high level politicians of these states openly support them and enable them. Politics.

Political Activist or Political In-Activist?

What are you? Do you spend thousands on weapons and kits for the fantasy civil war? But you do not get off your ass in vote? You will spend thousands on toys but not even donate a single $1 to the Right politicians in your state? What about your neighboring states? If they take Texas, guess who is next? These socialists have massive funding. Together, so do we. In fact, as the Silent Majority, we have more funds. If we want to win. Do you really want to win? Are you serious?

Should we fight?

Abso-fucking-lutely. Yes. And the fight is a political fight. Want to get off the bench? Do it. It is easier than you think. Open your web browser, register to vote, donate to the Right politicians in your state, repeatedly, and look at your country and see where else the fight is. Turn it Red. It takes 10 minutes a month.

When voting time comes around, Antifa and BLM will be there to disrupt voting. This is well known information. You will see them. All of you. You can do a lot to mitigate them. Coordinate a local group of neighbors to vote, rent a van and go together. Bring a lunch. Voting booths always need volunteers – the more people they have, the more capacity and security they have – donate your time.

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3 thoughts on “Should We Fight?

  1. Amen, Same team for sure. In my opinion one thing we can all do at the bare minimum Is educate the younger generations because we all know who isnt doing that. One good example is Jordan B Peterson. He is drawing thousands to his lectures and platform on the Tube and has studied our history for years and articulates how fast a country turn to horror and it all starts with us as individuals. Read his new book “12 Rules for life an antidote to chaos” He always says that when he reads Good books like “Ordinary Men” , “Gulag Archipelago” (a bit harder read) and many others, he does so in a way from the evil perspective meaning putting himself in the bad guys shoes and how easy it is to go the wrong direction if we dont have ourselves as individuals in order. So as JBP would say “make sure your house is in order before you start judging others.” Be honest, respectful and live your life as if God exists , basically take action within yourself in order to make changes in others lives. Check him out on the tube and tell everyone you know to check out some of his content. His credentials are legit and speaks truth and facts. Just one suggestion that I have been doing myself and have seen the impact it has had on others and motivated them to actually take a deep look at their own lives and in turn it spreads about the Greatest Country ON THIS PLANET ! America

  2. We have been under attack in a soft war for a long time. Incrementalism has all but cornered us, at this time, most of our controlling institutions are completely subverted. So why do we do nothing? I believe it is because we have such strategic and tactical disadvantage.

    This is a global fight, being aware of that is important in figuring out how to win and imbuing that into popular support. Without believing we can win people will not act and I think most people are looking for some ability and leadership in the plans and command aspect. Faith in leadership is really needed.

    We are also, as people quite different we don’t always agree on what the primary goals should be and really don’t agree on how to accomplish them. A group of seemingly like minded individuals can be destroyed by petty disagreements. We all know best…

    A catalyst may bring us together and focus us but we are just not ready and haven’t been. Far too many spoiled and selfish people. Self secularism is a tactic of the Opposition and it works, even if we think we are above it. Again, maybe something will make us pull our heads out of our asses.

  3. I believe this is on point. I feel like a lot of people expect us to do something, i feel like i want to do something, for right now though, being prepared to survive is P1, voting is P2. All the other stuff don’t really matter. People that are asking us to get into a fight don’t know what they are asking. If there comes a time that we need to get involved in that capacity, we’ll know. Hopefully it never comes to that. Thanks for sharing this message.

    For me, the more prepared I am and the better my plan becomes, the better I sleep at night. Choose that group wisely.

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