2020-08-09 Portland, OR Rioters Set Fire INSIDE Union Hall

2020-08-09 Rioters Setting Fire INSIDE Union Hall

Rioters use blockage debris and trash to throw inside a broken window onto a burn pile. It appears there are no marshmallows around – only domestic terrorists. Police them clear them back so the the domestic terrorists can re-plan, re-supply, and re-attack.

Such as the game is every night. However, every night they get further into the buildings. Tonight, a very small amount of accelerant would burn the entire building to its stone walls.

We should expect to see severe fire destruction as soon as they figure out to use a fuel.

2 thoughts on “2020-08-09 Portland, OR Rioters Set Fire INSIDE Union Hall

  1. This is Bullshit!!!!!!
    I cannot understand how these communist are being allowed to get away with this.
    Time to use real force.

    I miss America!!

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