Follow-up Interview With Lady Attacked by Antifa at Her Home

2020-08-07 Follow-up Interview With Old Swazi Lady Attacked by Antifa at Her Home

I believe this interviewer is a liberal. Regardless, the lady may have a behavior modification in the future. While mob violence or threat of violence is never the right thing in most cases; and effective in other cases; it does have an effect. Will this lady wear a Swazi arm band again? Hopefully not. Not because it is morally questionable – it is; not because whatever her statement was that she was making was definitely interpreted as a supremacist message; but because of her safety.

Because you can do something, it does not mean you should do it. Legally or otherwise.

This is why we have laws and police. People will do not-so-smart things and other people will react to an action in not-so-smart ways. Our common social agreement to be civil to each other is the primary protection we have as a civilized society. We have all agreed, over time, that a punch in the face is not the best way to say, “I object”. It requires the majority, almost 100% majority of people to keep this social agreement intact.

However, people do not wish to abide by this due to emotional problems or drugs. Then the police help enforce and teach the social agreement. Taking the person out of circulation is sometimes necessary.

It only works because we say it does and cat accordingly.

These days, these basic civilities are being ignored by domestic terrorist groups. It is practically hilarious to believe they would have an interest in them – being a terrorist group an all. This lady seems to not understand this current fact of life. I think she will do it again, when she thinks no one is watching, and then she will get catch. These groups actually have people stalk other people. You will know when we know!

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