BLM Custom Protest Protective Gear – GoFundMe

BLM Custom Protest Protective Gear – GoFundMe

Mark Gomount has setup a GoFundMe fundraiser campaign to start constructing custom BLM riot gear. He claims they need protection from tear gas and rubber bullets from aggressive tyrants.

This high speed gear also comes with a riot helmet and face shield (it should probably neutralize green laser spectrum – but everything is a spectrum so… ), and an extra large adult diaper.

There is a hatch in the back for the extra curricular activities. Knee pads are also required for showing their solidarity on the knees and a 3M gas mask to block the fugly. This will probably get way beyond what they are asking for. It will probably be made – it is just a kit of different off the shelf items with some glitter added.


4 thoughts on “BLM Custom Protest Protective Gear – GoFundMe

  1. Will probably be similar to the low-price amazon plate carriers without plates worn by the Negligent Firearms Accident Coalition

  2. Exact quote from the gofund me page.. ” We may customize orders depending on the needs or our protesters.” so they’ll probably be getting weapons or making weapons with the money.

  3. That gear looks like paintball gear.
    I guess they used up their tourniquets up on rubber bullet wounds and decided to try something else.

  4. Well fund our shit ourselves, we’ll have better shit. Fuck um.

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