Antifa Follows Women Home and Attacks

2020-08-06 Antifa Follows Women Home and Attacks

One of the next tests we previously wrote is Antifa, BLM, or other groups leave the public areas of the city and go residential. Yesterday, that occurred in Portland, Oregon. What does this mean?

Other groups will follow this successful test. Nothing happened to the group. Imagine a spotlight on the front door of your home, the loud sounds of illiterate people shouting, and they all want is to get inside your house, to conduct a mob-rule beating. Because they must eliminate and enemy of their movement.

That would never happen in America. It does now, and it is just the beginning.

This was an old lady they attacked. If they do this to the wrong person, it could go badly for them. They go after the alone and smaller people.

When they home invade someone with capabilities – it will not end well for them.

Maybe, this is exactly what needs to take place. There is no line that is drawn. These domestic terrorists keep escalating the violence. Peace is not possible – we know this now. It is not going to stop. Evil people will do evil; and continue to do as much evil as possible until they are stopped. This has always been the situation. A line needs to be drawn.

In this video – these are green light lasers – they type that causes permanent blindness. The effects of the green light is similar to how a microwave cooks an egg. The egg liquid solidifies and turns form transparent to white – the same as what hey are doing to her eyes – permanently. They are diligent to get both eyes equally. Symmetry is beauty.

1 thought on “Antifa Follows Women Home and Attacks

  1. Does it really matter what she has tattooed on her arm. I’m no goddamned lover of nazis but have some fucking empathy for people with a mental fucking health concern.

    These fucking kids with their goddamned lazers need to see what a fucking lazer is for. The fuck is wrong with motherfuckers?

    22 year old babies that never got a whoopping.

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