LA Cuts Water to Homes – Search Warrants to Verify Number of People?

LA Cuts Water to Homes – Gestapo to Verify Number of People

As COVI continues, small business are all but dead, and citizens are locked down, LA has now decided to cut water and power to any homes suspected of hosting gatherings. This would include any gathering like in WW2 where the citizens in the Paris Underground got together to plan to fight the Nazi occupying force. Well, maybe not exactly.

These are kangaroo courts setup to pass judgement quickly, without due process. To implement these measures, which are seriously crossing the line, requires some rat bastard to report to the police.

We know false reports happen many times daily. We know the police and government overall is frequently wrong. Now citizens of these states have to hope their neighbor doesn’t get pissed off the garbage can is on their side of the driveway and call the police to report a illegal gathering.

How Can They Verify the Number of People?

The process is – some liberal rat bastard (who’s throat should be ..) will call the police to report this WW2 crime of gatherings.The police may try to verify this or not. If the police try to verify there are X amount of people or more, the police need to enter the home and do a search (and seizure of people?) for people. This requires occupant permission, a search warrant for too many people or a direct invasion of the home under the basis a crime is being committed.

Refusal to do so will most likely result in arrest or resisting an illegal search or more, which can come with large fines or even criminalization. Having a birthday party for grandma? Well, the Gestapo is going to come knocking and you better let them in. If you ask for a search warrant, they will probably charge you for resisting. If you let them in, they need to check every room, closet, and … you see how ludicrous this is getting.

Regular citizens are going to hassled for a false report, fined multiple times, criminalized if the search has problems, and have to pay court fees, penalties, and fines. And the police have to waste their time on this verification. Unless they send the emergency social workers that are replacing the police.

It is almost time for regular people to start going crazy. We are going to see it. Keep pushing liberals, keep pushing. We will push back. Remember what they used to do with corrupt politicians in the American Frontier Era.

3 thoughts on “LA Cuts Water to Homes – Search Warrants to Verify Number of People?

  1. Ya know, it’s a two-way street. Works both ways.
    You know what I’m sayin’.

  2. These are the actions of a tyranical government, they do not have the right to do this. They just think they do.

  3. Annnnnnnnd yet, it’s STILL ok to gather for a “peaceful (riot) protest”. When will liberals wake up? It sucks, but you get what you vote for.

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