The Shooters Grill

The Shooters Grill

With all the drama and bullshit going on, seemingly 24/7, we need to remind ourselves there is so much good in our country. The overwhelming majority of people are just good, kind people. Our family and friends are. And as we look out anywhere, most are good, law abiding, red blooded Americans. We all love America, our families, and the opportunities we have here. It is like nowhere else on the planet. When we fly in from overseas, we know this.

So here is a generally local place – a fun place. And they have guns. We love guns and especially our young people exercising their 2nd Amendment rights. And short shorts.

2 thoughts on “The Shooters Grill

  1. Good looking buns on both the waitresses and the burgers. And open carry to boot, I’m in.
    Been to Rifle and most of the Western Slope, great people there.
    Typical of the media asshats to stomp on whole great story by reminding everyone of the tragedies that occurred on the Front Range side of the Divide.

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