The Greatest Lie of the Century – New Cam Footage

The Greatest Lie of the Century – New Cam Footage

America is racist and killing black people. But not others. And our immigration and visa working policies allow majority of non white people in. But, regardless, America is racist. Even though people from every country on earth want to come here to have the American Dream.

The biggest Lie of the century. And leftist media encouraged it every step. It was a lie. And everyone is protesting during a pandemic. It was a lie. And the crazies rioting to destroy America. It was a lie.

But most people did not believe. We know it was a lie. We know how criminals are. We know what bad people do. So who believed?

Who Believed

The people that wanted to believe the lie, believed the lie. The people that want to blame others for their shortcomings believed the lie. If it’s not them, if they are not bad; then I’m bad. And I’d rather start a war than face myself. Cowards. Petty. Liars.

We have the Floyd police cam footage. Part of it. It was not released immediately. It could have been. It may have made a difference. Maybe not. Maybe it was just a convenient situation to ignite the idiots. That is what they are. Dishonest. Maybe the worst. As this circulated and the rest of the footage is released, this is going to do something.
media will have to save face – double down on the lie. Protesters will want to save face – find new situations, make up more stories, and exaggerate on the existing stories. Rioters, well, they were never shouting anything.

BLM. Black Lies Matter. They do matter. They harm America.

Look at what they have done for a lie.

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