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Prescott College offers an MA in ‘Social Justice’.  Black Lives Matter was co-founded by Patrisse Cullors (former Prescott College student and current faculty there).  Students there are actively organizing.
Link to current ‘Social Justice’ program faculty;

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  1. I’m an old man, now. Fought the fight at work for years, did what I could. But there came a point where I couldn’t look at myself in the morning mirror any more, couldn’t stay in that system. Left for self-preservation. I do alright now on what little money I have (for now). We each have to decide for ourselves how to live our lives, fight for freedom in what ways we can. Being here is one small way. Maybe it’s not that small at all. Free your mind and the rest comes more easily.

  2. Grumpy, granted, they are just cannon fodder, useful (for now) idiots. But there are a lot of them, everywhere, and they can still ruin your day. We are in a war whose primary battlefield is the mind, and ideas live for a very, very long time. I posted this just to give some who might live in that area a ‘face’ to some of the actors in their AO.
    Helix, yup, the mind virus is everywhere. I left my profession because of that. It has taken root in every facet of life, and those roots are going deep.

    1. Good on you Quinn. I respect you for having the conviction to leave a profession for that reason. I am currently working in the Belly of the Beast. I’ve called out anti-white behavior and been taken into a HR battle because of it. Now, everybody knows I have no white guilt, and our mandatory Unconscious Bias Training is awkward. But I cash that check every month. Maybe I’ll ask if anybody’s seen the full bodycam footage in the next Zoom meeting (just kidding).

      My plans are military and eventual self-sufficiency. I’m old but I’ve always wanted to serve. I’m training up but all of the PC stuff hitting the military is discouraging. My best friend is 18D and told me “not in my community” but getting there is the hard part.

      1. I think Ben S put is a good way. Do what you need to get through school. Then, you can be in a position to do something.
        The same with work. You are more effective with an income than without. There are things we all can do, covertly, at least to begin with, that will allow us to keep our livelihoods and be productive — and work behind the scenes if necessary. Campaign donations to campaigns have HUGE effect. It is why they are always the subject. It is better to keep your job and go heavy on the back-end, than sacrifice yourself, unless you are in a position where you can. They want us jobless, penniless, and powerless. Do not give it to them.

        1. Well said admin. I kept my head low for 6 years and took lots of anti-White/Male/Christian/Straight abuse until a superior called out my sister, who is active in DC. For the crime of asking “What’s wrong with white males?” I was dragged through the HR gauntlet almost immediately. I’m legally advised though so I got through it, but the hell they can put you through is not worth it.

          Note of caution for anybody donating- it’s all public record, and the enemy has websites that use Google map pins to show where Trump donors live. I was horrified to find my name in their database with a pin on my exact home. I bought a house in a gentrifying area, a gunshot victim knocked on my door this Memorial day, and anybody around me is Progressive. It also makes me stick out as somebody with “money to spare.”

          I would recommend buying campaign merchandise if you are in my situation. If you’re in a safe area, donate, but if you live in a Progressive city, buy campaign merchandise.

  3. No matter what you study, you will be exposed to social justice peer pressure academically and socially. In other words, your grades, and your social life, and your networking opportunities will depend on you proving that you can at the very least, talk the talk. Only those with conviction, integrity, and mental fortitude will be able to learn their subject area, jump through necessary social justice hoops, and come out the other side of a college degree. I studied finance and engineering as my BS, and social justice was already infiltrating general electives and economics courses. Now I am studying MS in Computer Science and the entire community is filled with anti-white, anti-capitalist trash. Majority of my peers are non-American.

    No field of study is safe.

  4. Having had been to Prescott, I give the group mentioned in the article about 4 days until they tuck tail and run for the cellar.

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