5 thoughts on “Patriot Fury – Warning to All

  1. Hunger and disease are extremely effective weapons. Fear multiplies that exponentially. They’ve been telling us for decades what they are going to do. We’re in the final stages of their plan now. Saying ‘No’ to that plan will cost your your life, but so will saying ‘Yes’. There are things worse than death. Being a CRISPR modified Borg, semi human is one of them.

    1. There are things worse than death. Fuck those motherfuckers. I’m going out on a pile of brass with a fucking tomahawk in each hand, fucking pissed. Just got fucking happy. Fuck um.

  2. Good. I have only one small quibble with a phrasing. This is not about the establishment of socialism in this country. It’s much, much bigger than that. It’s about the final implementation of Global Technocracy. Socialism was merely a stepping stone to that end. Every facet of life (for the survivors) is to be controlled. Mind and body. Total, global control. Covid, riots, are tools to achieve that end. ‘Vaccinations’ are the next step.

    1. Agreed. This is an implementation of Agenda 21 by the United Nations. It tenants (it is on their website) are disarmament, to make countries citizens weak, migration to populous cities, for easier control, globalization to remove a countries productions to create a dependency on other nations. Their vision for America is dependency on foreign energy, exportation of foods (as other countries already can not grow enough and are mortally dependent on imports, a technology leader (generally the better position of most of the countries in this global hell), but with mostly foreign workers.

      Globally, no country could survive on its own. Self sufficient means of productions are surgically removed and transferred to another country. Every country is mortally dependent on multiple other countries to survive – meaning citizens starve, which is the easiest way to control population. Globalization without self sufficiency is the death of individual rights, the value of human life, and elimination of free will. It is evil by definition. And we know by the entities pushing this agenda, they are evil. It exists, we have seen it.

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