Contact Tracing. A Tyrant’s Mecca!

Contact Tracing. A Tyrant’s Mecca!

While the nation is distracted and preoccupied with statues being pulled down and leftists pillaging and destroying neighborhoods, the American government – at all levels – is preparing an evil for Americans of mammoth proportion. An insidious tyranny. One which will force men to decide to live as abject slaves of the state and their wealthy handlers – or make grave and needed sacrifice as men before them have done.

Here is just a primer. A tip of the iceberg. To acquaint you with this great evil. This could possibly be the intended end game. Is all the other stuff going on merely to destabilize the nation? To divide us all further than we already are. So we are all more pliable to accept their evil.

You Tube and Facebook have aggressively removed the majority of posts from certified contact tracers attempting to inform the public of this massive invasion of privacy and intent to control. Already – whole states and countless counties are trying to implement this evil. And the federal government has every intention of imposing it within the year – regardless of who the president is.

Contact tracing is a tyrant’s Mecca.

You MUST meet with and talk with your county supervisor and county chair. And extremely paramount – your county sheriff. Also your state legislators and magistrates. Inform them of this evil. And instruct them of their duty to interpose on behalf of the citizens they represent. Time is massively short. Do not delay.

As evil and tyranny continues to grow in this nation that is in rebellion to God, the nation will continue to break apart. Our hope is that the good citizens of our beloved country will rise to the occasion and do what is necessary to keep us from living under a tyrant that possesses technology and an iron fist that will subjugate us all as slaves.

I encourage you to research and stay on abreast of this great evil. Arm yourself with the knowledge of the doctrine of the lessor magistrate (duty of a lessor magistrate to defy a higher magistrate when the higher magistrate embraces lawless actions). Now is the time to either support or replace your local magistrates with men willing to do their duty. Given the trajectory this nation is headed, now more than ever it’s critical to ensure our elected officials at a local level are willing and committed to defend the citizens and uphold the Constitution.

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