2020-08-01 Committed to the Cause

2020-08-01 Committed to the Cause

BLM, NFAC, Redneck Revolt, Black Panthers, and all the spin-off local factions of BLM. They are in every state and their objective is to be in every town. By another name, still completes their first objective.

Not only in the United States of America. We have reports coming in from London, Sydney, all over Canada, all over the world. But seemingly limited to western countries, or of European countries.

This surge of activity worldwide is at an all time high, because the world is weakened by covid, especially by the shutdowns and liberal leadership that are obviously part of this world killing scheme.

We know who they are by their actions. Direct interference in the security of the United States and the world.

We have our fight here. The significance of the worldwide surge is that it is focused, it is concerted with centralized leadership, and it has massive funding.

They are committed. They keep going. They keep showing up. We have already seen; some are ready to die by police suicide and by provoking citizens to shoot them.

Are you committed. This is not a trend or a fad. Doing nothing has led us all to this path. Are you committed.

16 thoughts on “2020-08-01 Committed to the Cause

  1. a globalist push to destroy our way of life in our republic

  2. my oath has no shelf life and by god we shall prevail

  3. Training every day for the PAST test, but unless I can get into a pool I may go Option 40 or 18x. Also looking at CBP. Unless somebody gives me another option

  4. Hell Yes! I’m in. If we don’t stand together we will hang separately.

  5. Heck yeah! Those numb nuts need a kick in the ass with my size 16 shoe.

  6. So basically, unless we want to live on our knees, we need to get ready for a fight. Got it. When the hammer falls, we’ll be ready.

    These motherfuckers ruined my happy. That happy was hard to get.

  7. Absolutely commited!! Our constitutional rights and freedom as American citizens are being trampled under foot each and every day now. Seeing evidence daily on the internet. May more eyes be opened to what’s really going on. May God bless all of you patriots!!

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