SPOT Report DTG/7292020 Raleigh 17:00 27JUL – NOW

SPOT Report DTG/7292020 Raleigh 17:00 27JUL – NOW

ACP: Please note this is a report and not a call to action. These groups have been targeting specific areas in the country for months. Portland, Raleigh, Texas. We believe these are high value targets for the assault on 2A. They are getting literal ‘suiciders’ to push the limits that result in a shooting.

SPOT Report
Smash the Police State is having three protest across the nation per their FB website

Smash Racism Raleigh is hosting a solidarity rally and march against the escalations of police violence in Portland, Oregon and now in Gastonia and Roxboro in NC, this Wednesday, July 29, beginning at 5 PM in Nash Square. Please join us, and if your organization would like to co-sponsor, please reach out!


Orchid Bloom
Refund Raleigh Freedom Committee
Wake County Black Student Coalition
Greensboro Working class & Houseless Organizing Alliance
Smash Racism Raleigh
NC Piedmont Chapter Democratic Socialists of America, and
Raleigh Branch Democratic Socialists of America
Durham Branch Democratic Socialists of America
Central NC Party for Socialism and Liberation

11 thoughts on “SPOT Report DTG/7292020 Raleigh 17:00 27JUL – NOW

  1. What you’re saying makes a lot of sense. We have to stay calm.

  2. I don’t think there is any reason for conservatives to counter protest. The rest of the country needs to see exactly what voting Blue does for the citizens in these cities and states.

    The purpose for these posts is not for counter-protesting, right?

    More just informative so people know where and when the bad stuff is going down?

    That was my understanding.

    1. Information first. However, we are seeing that statues can be protected, and showing up does have an effect. Many members here may be part of a militia (as we are not officially a militia).
      So we use our god-given free will to decide when to stand and if the cost is worth it. There is so much information that we do not post currently. There is true coordination on the liberals side and seeing what they have planned is extremely alarming.

      And, they see themselves as the good guys – which makes everyone else the bad guys. We know the violence and damage religious wars and idealist driven agendas can cause.
      From the intel so far, which we are preparing to release, something big is coming. If you have not yet, it is time to train up, supply up, and be ready for the coming months.

      Do we see a time where an event will happen in the near future? Yes, it is looking like it. Even a single madman can kill a lot of people – it is not about the numbers. We know we have more.
      It is about what they are willing to do and we have seen, they are willing to die, by sacrifice, for what they believe. I’m talking about the suicide shooters. Mr AK. He knew he was going to die that day.

    2. That’s the way I understood it also. I wasn’t sure what PaulRevere1776 was eluding to is why I commented.
      How can we get that clarified?

      1. People have different ways of dealing with these situations. It may change if/as things escalate.
        It looks like he is doing something in his area that he things is safe and will make a difference.
        We try to push information out here, but we also know each one of these smaller events is leading to something larger.
        Doing nothing has gotten us all here in the first place. We need to be smart about which to choose to do what to be around when it counts.

  3. To all conservatives who show up in opposition, LETS KEEP IT PEACEFUL. The right is hoping that we go out and do something stupid and now is not the time.

  4. Black Horse Militia
    Washington State
    Standing ready.
    God bless to all the Patriots and freedom minded folk.
    Praise Christ!

  5. Patriots of America contingency,
    Continuing to pray daily for our great nation and all of our great patriots who since the beginning of Our Republic have always stood In the gap and filled the breach may God bless you all this evening and comfort your hearts! May God teacher hands to war And may he give you wisdom to concur ALL AMERICA’s enemies! In Jesus name I pray Amen

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