2020-07-28 NFAC Formation in Louisville, KY Additional Video

2020-07-28 NFAC Formation in Louisville, KY Additional Video

Another video with a bit more description from an NFAC member. Many photos and an explanation and reasoning why they marched there. The comments of all these youtube videos are interesting and gets into what the people in that circle think.

He also describes the shot which seems legitimate. An shotgun pre-safety – the type when dropped, usually fire if loaded. Why it was loaded is a question. It hit, discharged into the ground, and the stuff that comes out the end hit the ground and then other stuff bounced up into peoples legs.

This story also makes it an accident instead of a negligent discharge so that is just a great coincidence.

“I didn’t feel like myself, I felt powerful, I felt like a god. When there are that many of your own people out there for the same cause… The law is over there. The law don’t want to come over here. We are the law… It felt like the Black Panthers in the 1960’s.”

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  1. Disappointing. He went on about how much “Fun” he had and how “Powerful” he felt walking around with his AR and body armor. It wasn’t about protection of his family or country, it was about a man child wanting to feel big and bad. I don’t need to say more.

  2. SPOT Report
    Smash the Police State is having three protest across the nation per their FB website https://www.facebook.com/events/622820745015009/

    Smash Racism Raleigh is hosting a solidarity rally and march against the escalations of police violence in Portland, Oregon and now in Gastonia and Roxboro in NC, this Wednesday, July 29, beginning at 5 PM in Nash Square. Please join us, and if your organization would like to co-sponsor, please reach out!


    Orchid Bloom
    Refund Raleigh Freedom Committee
    Wake County Black Student Coalition
    Greensboro Working class & Houseless Organizing Alliance
    Smash Racism Raleigh
    NC Piedmont Chapter Democratic Socialists of America, and
    Raleigh Branch Democratic Socialists of America
    Durham Branch Democratic Socialists of America
    Central NC Party for Socialism and Liberation

    ps..admin…i think it would be a good thing to have a separate report section for members to add such items, and i know not everyone here is or was .mil, but we can come up w a standard format that is easy to use, to answer the who, what, why, where and how questions then another report format for the actual BORIS report…

    1. We have identified a method to do this, where once registered (so it is traceable), any member can submit a report or post. It will still require approval, which is just a quick review and then a click.
      Since someone has quested this, it is time to push it out now. This is a member run site – most of the information, reports, boris included, are from members. We can not state enough how critical member reporting is!

      1. I see that now…Good job…Now i’d suggest adding a resources page for Commo related stuff..
        here’s a great resource: https://brushbeater.wordpress.com/the-foundation-squaring-away-communications-basics/
        As MG has learned recently, comms are important, and the time is now, before shit happens, then folks will be behind the curve, and it can be steep…
        get squared away now, get licenses now, get a GMRS license now, to use GMRS repeaters, just an 80.00 fee for the ENTIRE family, get basic kit now, go here: https://baofengtech.com/ learn it now, use it now, get MAG buddies up and running now w secondary commo…

  3. if a firearm, ANY firearm goes off without being aimed in the desired direction of target, prey, or threat its a ‘negligent discharge’. and this one was with injuries to bystanders! i might have been an ‘accident’ that he dropped a LOADED ‘pre-safety’firearm, until it went BANG! (and crippled a couple of his buddies.)
    so let me get this straight. he, in all his (godlike) wisdom, along with the NFAC’s superb ‘firearms training’ and following Lt Col Coopers 4 rules to a ‘T’, had an ‘antique’ or ‘pre safety’ shotgun that WAS FUCKING CHAMBERED IN A CROWDED PUBLIC PARK FOR A “PEACEFUL PROTEST” or march or whatever…WTF? because it makes them feel like a “god” or more powerful than the police or some bullshit..again WTF!!!
    again let me get this straight, we have mobs of black militants running around in crowded areas with loaded ‘pre-safety’ scatterguns who think its awesome to to terrorize white people and the police and are trying to attain some sort of personal pseudo demigod status.
    holy shit..! if yer not scared you must be prepared.
    now if anyone is curious how we got here and concerning the BPM, ‘civil rights’ and CULTURAL MARXISM, watch this doc from the 60’s. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKiupnMunSE&t=8s

    1. Yes, the latest video the NFAC leader has for all intents and purposes declared a Holy War. We know from thousands of years of history the results of these types of events. The general idea is as ordained by God, any actions taken are morally good and void of sin. And if you are on the side of God, the other side is the evil side and sub-human. The good news is talk is cheap. We will have to wait and see how this escalates. There is a exact trajectory of raising of NFAC and the Black Panthers Party. Or in NFACs terms, “A Grand Rising”.

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