26JUL2020 NFAC Leader March Follow-up – Stop With the Lies

2020-07-26 NFAC Leader March Follow-up – Stop With the Lies

Grand Wizard J says stop with the lies. Everyone on social media picked up on the “You shoot three, we shoot three” fiasco Saturday. Many excellent jokes were made and different footage released, showing the same basic thing.

Another theory surfaced that a NFAC member has put his scope on backwards and in order to see, he had to turn the gun around and … All we really know is there was a picnic and ice cream was served. That is what they promise in their flyers so they absolutely must deliver on that promise at minimum.

He did mention in an earlier video that there was so many people wanting the picnic and ice cream, they had to reduce their numbers to 300. Master DJ Jazzy Busta Rhymes then goes on to say it was a success as we wrote yesterday they would.

It is difficult to coordinate many people for an event, even if you are paying for food and travel. What he is doing, with his team, is something. What exactly that is, we shall see. Recall BLM started off as something positive and is now coordinating obfuscated named splinter groups in every town – same with ANTIFA. Just because a group has a different name, doesnt mean is is not funded and controlled by the same backers.

After all, these NFAC events would not be happening without funding. So where is the money coming from? Why this guy to run it? And why it is ramping up now? We know all these answers – they are the same for all the groups.

Recall from the boris alert – a new group: NC BORN (Building Our Revolution Now) has declared its presence too. It is typical REBRANDING. Rename the organization, keep its existing infrastructure, funding sources, and members/employees. They will revise each of these groups intentions as they TEST the citizens to see what is acceptable.

There will even be a new NFAC that is not anti-white or they will revise themselves to recall that tenant as it is not popular.

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  1. Thanks for the analysis. Majority of them clearly are brand new weapons owners without means to purchase the weapons they’re carrying. It’d be great to know who’s funding them.

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