2020-07-26 NFAC Staging Area Shooting – Rare Footage

2020-02026 NFAC Staging Area Shooting – Rare Footage

Yesterday, Saturday July 26th, the NFAC was preparing to march at their staging area.

As NFAC members were showing up, a generally quiet scene with members casually talking, was interrupted by the sound of a firearm discharge.

Two random people were shot in random locations. Any bystanders, media, or that poor squirrel I keep mentioning could have been shot, and killed.

In fact, it would have been safer for someone to have shot on purpose, at least aiming at a specific target, and deciding if the shot is fatal or not. This is extremely unsafe. This could have caused an outright urban war with the 3% or Minutemen. All it might have taken was the round to randomly hit one of them.

A less dramatic perspective is, no one wants a firefight, especially in that layout, with zero cover (except that squirrel), and the land whale NFAC.

The other militias are actually organized and operated by active and inactive military and LEOs, and their policy is to first take position with cover, watch, and wait until they receive orders. Unless it’s on. Then god help the NFAC.

With real American militias, accidental conflict, friendly fire or accidental discharge, and a firefight is almost not possible. Training counts, and experience even more so.

This is not a close up video, but a further POV.
Member provided info, Thank you FC

NFAC has previous told all members that if any shots were fired, to take a knee. This is to avoid the start of a mass panic firing and escalation. It was clear they would not take the first shot. They did, by accident.

Listen to NFAC member comments as one states “we don’t want a war”. This is a good sign which took an unfortunate event to reveal. NFAC considers the event a success and will provide wooden guns to all the Private Piles in the future.

As the member who provided this link states, there is zero coverage on this event. It is important and will shape the future of the NFAC.

Grand Wizard J’s official statement was that ice cream was served. Again. In the hospital.
what will our chubby buddies do next?

A suggestion may be to patrol their own neighborhoods, protect their neighbors and families, and help stop the rioting, vandalism, drug deals, rapes, murders, beatings of old people (yes, we know it’s fun), and overall disfunction of their own back yards.

NFAC Grand Wizard says he is trying to put the black people [communities?] together to show what they can do.

Larping and larding for a weekend is a hell of a lot easier than working everyday in your community to make a long lasting difference.

More likely, which is much more common, Grand Wizard J wants to show what HE can do and get as much attention as HE can get. There is no other purpose, unless we see it.

ACP put this out as an alert since this is related to an emergency type event.

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  1. Idiots! Defund LEO? Meanwhile who were the first people onsite to administer aid to the victims? Those brave LEOs ran into a potentially hostile situation, surrounded by amateurs with no trigger discipline-without concern for their own safety, to help someone that is protesting in direct opposition to their (LEOs) jobs. These douchbags need to open their eyes and imagine what would have happened if the police weren’t there.

  2. I received this BORIS report from a trusted source, my questions is how/where can we add such reports in the future as it pertains to our various AO’s?
    Subject: BORIS // 261340ZJUL2020 //

    DTG: 261340ZJUL2020
    OBSERVED ACTIVITY: Mass protest and observed enemy activity in Roxboro NC. Insurgents engaged in skirmish with local PD and SO personnel after lethal force incident on 24JUL. One officer wounded. Enemy weapons cache captured.
    MWE / INCIDENT DESCRIPTION: Multiple armed assailants brought in from out of town, unknown number but more than 50. Explicit statements of violence made. Father of person killed in lethal force incident made statement to ABC11 that he wanted the out of town insurgents to leave. Insurgents stated the name of their organization is NC BORN (Building Our Revolution Now) and initially fled after police made threatening gestures. Local Leader/HVI is [REDACTED] and is a Corrections Officer in VA. Insurgents returned one hour later dispersed among local businesses dropped off individually. Method of coordination / communications SOI unknown. Insurgents used three observed techniques: park Dodge Chargers with stolen NC plates to confuse LEOs as to the position of units, Swarm different positions in a series to exhaust responding officers, and to attack them with OC spray. One officer was wounded and required EMS transport. Enemy weapons cache was uncovered in a Van with VA plates. Specific number of weapons unknown. Insurgents have a safehouse owned by [REDACTED] located in the town square and within view of the county courthouse.
    ASSESSMENT: LEOs were overwhelmed and panicked by their monitored radio chatter. They are not prepared for an insurgency and cannot sustain multiple nights of enemy activity. Majority of insurgents are not local and unknown to police. Social media chatter is making explicit threats on police and surrounding business owners. Violence is likely within the next 48 hours as attacks on LEO was coordinated and more bold than previous incidents in larger municipalities.

    EOM // ACK // NCS


  3. That’s fucking hilarious. These ladies and fuckups are the most rediculous mess of pussies I’ve ever seen.

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