7/25/20 1:00pm Summit County Co Witnessed Rolling BLM Protest

7/25/20 1:00pm Summit County Co witnessed rolling blm protest


Roadblocks in Dillon CO.
Multiple SUV and sedans with blm protest garbage written on the back
windows rolling in all lanes at extreme slow speeds and waiting thru
green lights down Hwy 6.

A local issue with the protesting and stopping traffic on Hwy 9 north
of silverthorne

There is a danger of rural families unknowingly getting stopped on the way to or from town in a medical or any true emergency
as there are no side or paralleling access roads in a lot of these
mountain river highways and almost no cell service in the valley north of

We’ve also see multiple small Patriot groups parked in river access
and Hwy pullouts in and out of town displaying American colors( and
big trucks) although no reports of interaction with protesters ..yet.

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