2020-07-24 Livestream Portland Protest

2020-07-24 Live stream Portland Protest

The crowd chants “Black lies matter, all cops are bastards”, and to “rock that fucking vote”. We need to take Oregon at the polls.

This is a live stream so it can not be embedded here.


Next, we have “Wall of the Moms”, a savvy looking group, lurking around the fence. Sunday, the wall will be traveling to lower Texas to fill in some missing pieces of the real wall.

And next, “Team Death Match” ad the federal courthouse. The DYI crowd has really come together here in converting old winter sleds into shields.

4 thoughts on “2020-07-24 Livestream Portland Protest

  1. The protesters are using cut up brine barrels to fashion shields. I wonder where they stole those from.
    Maybe somebody could make up some free laxative sandwiches and put them out on tables with Gatorade to refresh the protesters before they join up.

  2. If the moms and dads would’ve spanked their kids growing up maybe we wouldn’t have this mess.

  3. Those moms need to get off the street and go to Jenny Craig.

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