NFAC Leader: Last Live [video] Until Formation

NFAC Leader: Last Live Until Formation

NFAC Grand Wizard explains carrying handguns in locked cases, not in purses. They all have purses apparently. He states AR15s are allowed, semi automatic, shotgun, rifle, with plenty of ammo and plenty of lube. He then proclaims he can shoot and that some other video is wrong.

Then he goes onto saying We have been doing stuff for 200 years and he went on to explain gun safety with a sock puppet.

All jokes aside, maybe just three more, crazy people are dangerous. (3 more jokes) They are able to produce numbers and it takes only one for a drive by. He goes into say to wear black boots and snitches get stripped down and taken to a secluded area. They wake up with their pants on backwards.

Yes, this is another long, rambling video. Watch what you can before the headache sets in. He does strongly believe in his cause and he does inspire a group desperate for a leader.

4 thoughts on “NFAC Leader: Last Live [video] Until Formation

  1. It seems he is breading martyrs he want confrontation still with the hate speech.

  2. They’re proclaiming to be a peaceful group who are armed as “precaution” and for “protection”. I live just outside Louisville, following thread for info.

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