2020-07-23 Vote by Mail – Mail Ballots – (VbM SWARM) – ACP 1st Initiative

2020-07-23 Vote by Mail – Mail Ballots – VbM SWARM – ACP 1st Initiative

Vote by Mail (VbM) has been a hot issue, especially this year. And we may have a problem if we do not fix it. The Democrat VbM is surging all across the country. President Trump has certainly expressed his dislike for mail ballots; only because of the proven potential for fraud.


VbM is a tool, and it is extremely important. Patriots should certainly register to vote and if there is any doubt about making it to the voting booth, register to qualify to mail vote.

But is is not so simple. Fake news talks about VbM as much as they can; but have you taken a look on how to Vbm? It is a unstructured set of linked websites for counties, cities, and the old apple tree with the broken branch near the raod that has a slight bend to it going left.

Meaning, we can simplify the instructions and process for VbM here, and mass distribute the specific local information electronically or even download a file and print on your printer to hand it out, tack it up on a board, or give to neighbors. Once the word gets out, people can come directly here to find how to VbM.

In Florida, I decided to VbM. Where do I start?

First, I needed to find my Florida government website. There are no naming conventions for all state gov sites or some master site with master lists. Some are .gov; some are .com.
As seen in Screen 1

Second, I select the options for my city to see my county. Once I select the city, a list of Counties appears. I clicked on Columbia, since its where I smuggle my cocaine and monkeys from.

I then see another totally different website for that Columbia County. There is a real lack of monkeys on this page.
As seen in Screen 2.

Third, I click on the Web Address ‘votecolumbia.com’. Again, another totally separate website. I then see the Screen 3. I not have a box that says ‘Vote Bu Mail’. I click it and another form appears. Here, it tells me the deadline to request is 6 days before the election. Seems extremely important.
As seen in Screen 3.

Even now, I can only request via email, which actually brings me to another separate website.
As seen in Screen 4.

I believe if we simplify this process, for the entire country, it can provide a tremendous advantage. I am absolutely sure, once someone gets to the second or third website, they say ‘fuck it’ and turn off the computer and might start a 3 day binge drinking session.

ACP needs a few people to diligently gather this information and put it together here, to provide a 2 step process:

1. Select your City/County
2. Display a page with the local instructions and a link for the document or electronic webpage to VbM. THT IS IT! No more jumping through 3-4 different websites. I am not sure how much of a percentage VbM would increase – I believe it will be significant. Even a 10% increase of VbM (which is easily achievable here) is significant and changes the election outcome. ACP members can actually do that.

Email me at: admin@americacontingency.com to join this extremely important team. If you are able to browse to a website and click on links, then copy and past the link – you can certainly sign up for this project.

Screen 1: My Florida state government website.
Screen 2: Columbia County Website.
Screen 3.
Screen 4: The ‘By Email’ link actually goes to another website which has a form to fill out.

Democrats may lead in the key demographic of VbM. We need to act now!

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