NFAC Leader Calls ‘Alert’ July 25th.

NFAC Leader Calls ‘Alert’ JulY 25th

Grand Wizard J, bi-coastal, bi-country, and bi-sexual, calls for state of emergency. Though his English is difficult to understand, he says shalom, a Jewish greeting. He probably means Salam, the Islamic greeting. Any way, he is talkin’ payback and maybe a picnic.

Last time they scared the crap out of a family in a minivan and their dog.

If you can bear the headache, try to watch the Grand Wizard J, ramble about going to the store. (not many people can watch the whole video – just the beginning will give you an idea)

The problem with this is, they do march. And even morons can cause a lot of damage. They are more likely to do something they should not. Oh, and the NC militia says they will be there.

Here is yet another militia. Recall a previous post about the mass rise of militias and people joining. Post more in the comments if you find them.

12 thoughts on “NFAC Leader Calls ‘Alert’ July 25th.

  1. Grandmaster flash and his dancing band have no idea what awaits them in rural America should they start feeling froggy. Good ole boys in my area will sit in a tree for eight hours to get a deer. They seldom miss.

  2. As much of a clown as he may sound, you cannot deny that his rhetoric is going to resound with people. I’m not going to ignore and pass off as insignificant any of this kind of talk or organization. That’s one of the reasons we are where we are today. I’m done ignoring and blowing off these people. Keep your eyes open and your head on a swivel and view this as an intel brief. Because that’s exactly what it is.

  3. I’m in metro Atlanta and hope to god I don’t run into any groups on the way to work or having dinner. I usually have a get home kit and everything but I would be crucified by dekalb county judges. I feel the only way to be safe is to leave the city. Any advice ?

  4. I don’t want to see key board bashing on this site.
    Let’s be pro active and not like another social platform!

  5. Disturbing. I could not make through the whole video. It was too painful and 53 minutes of my life could be spent doing something else.

    1. We should edit to briefly watch.
      I could not watch it all either.
      Once a speaker starts making objectionable statements, the brain interrupts thought. Then you have to try more to focus. Then the next pocket full of rocks crazy thing is said.

      It ends up being a battle to look at it, and even more to listen.

      I started staring into my speaker hoping to see the little guy inside that talks.

      1. It would be nice to have a condensed version and synthesize the highlights/main points. I’m sure you guys have plenty of time. Let me know if I can help.

  6. He needs prayed for he is misinformed and self glorifying. He preaches hate when right now we need love caring and sharing. I try not to judge anyone I am unworthy to judge but not the same time I do no have to uphold anyone that is wrong on many points. He is threatening harm. All I want to do is take care of my family and be good to people what is wrong with that. Yes I have been confronted time and time again with evil but my armor is strong I believe in God the son and the holy ghost. You acquire a shine if you live right. You do not have to tell people your good they see it with your actions. I have no comment on this other than to keep and eye out situational awareness goes a lone way.

    1. damned lap top key board is wonky my v and t keys work half the time daggnabitt

  7. This guy is a soup-sandwich in a paper bag. No way he spent more than a day or two actually carrying a weapon, if he even served, he flagged every person within a 300 yard radius of everywhere he walked. If idiots can be dangerous, this dude is sweating pinless M67 on a pile of Howitzer charges.

  8. Apparently, the whole ‘organic’ orange juice thing causes a central nervous system crossfire. This cat’s all over the map.

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