2020-07-20 Gun Couple Facing Charges

2020-07-20 Gun Couple Facing Charges

As you all probably have seen already, the ‘Gun Couple’ or the McCloskey’s may be facing prison time. It was already decided by the prosecutor the hour it happened. Her angry, emotional, and myopic reaction said it all.

Now the McColseky’s will be dealing with a long court battle, legal fees, damage to their reputation, and have become infamous.

They need to set an example. Disarmament is part for Agenda 21, and is a crucial part of it. This was a test, as I stated before. There will be more.

They will continue to push and trick citizens into defending themselves for the sole purpose of media proliferation and pushing the agenda forward. When thee events happen in concert, nationwide – it is no longer a coincidence. It is happening here. It is happening now.

5 thoughts on “2020-07-20 Gun Couple Facing Charges

  1. I have an LTC in Texas but am in no position to financially fight against the pure intent to jail law abiding gun carriers these days. Is there a reputable insurance agency where I could obtain a policy that would fight for me should it ever come to it – god forbid? I found a couple but know nothing about them and would be open to suggestions!

  2. This group is very good education for me. My first impulse would be to confront the anarchists armed up. But now that I learn these confrontations may just be a ploy to give the local government an excuse to disarm us and scare us with the threat of jailtime. Not to mention the huge financial cost of defending yourself. For me, and advise for all patriots, know your local laws and get legal insurance. Specifically self defense insurance may work better. And stay connected to this group. The information here is valuable.

    1. All Americans need to diligent and premeditate what they will do IF there is a confrontation.
      Especially new gun owners – and there are more now than ever.
      The minivan lady drew her pistol out where it may not have been necessary. In comparison, as we are seeing as new information is released, this couple was facing real threats, where criminals where verbally explaining their plans to murder them, then take their house. [see today’s White House Press Briefing]

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