2020-07-20 2A McCloskey’s Missouri AG to Dismiss Charges

McCloskey’s Missouri AG to Dismiss Charges

We are following this story and many others to track how they evolve.

On The Daily Wire [article link here], we read Circuit Attorney Kim Garner, will be attempting to dismiss charges against the McCloskey’s. This has not happened yet.

We have a high level politician (mayor) that has already stated they will be punished to the full extent of the law and would ‘eat their babies’. Ego is involved; she will fight to be ‘right’, even though it is blatantly wrong.

Let us see her eat her words, and defeat St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner. Give Kim a call, email, or send her 400 lbs of paper letters, and let her know what she is doing is wrong. [Kim’s link here]

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Nothing is decided yet. There will be a long, drawn out criminal case that may end up with lesser pleas. Mr McCloskey is a lawyer – he may have recorded most of the interactions, the threats, and the egress onto their private property. Since there has to be other footage, and none has surfaced yet, it may be help for trial. Lawyers understand more than most that the prosecutors can make mistakes all day long, but the defendant can make only one mistake, and be finished.

We (ACP) thank WildMan82 for the link to the article as a contribution.

There are so many similar events happening at local levels and only until we can combine and connect them some place (hopefully here), can we see the larger patterns, which will only double our efforts to reveal the truth and fight for what is right. We need all members to help identify and notify any intelligence they gather.

2 thoughts on “2020-07-20 2A McCloskey’s Missouri AG to Dismiss Charges

  1. Pardoned as it should be. I will have to research it more. I believe there is also a letter asking for someone’s resignation. I will have to find it.

  2. It’s a damn shame when American Citizens are threatened by their own government for defending themselves because the government’s assigned protection agents weren’t there to protect them.
    Seems bass ackwards to me.

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