5 thoughts on “LIVE – Portland Under Siege! Protesters Setup Autonomous Zone

  1. I live half way between Seattle and Portland in the last conservative county in Western Wa. BLM has protested twice at our county courthouse, in a town of 14k. Don’t kid youself if you think it’s only going to happen in big Liberal cities!

    1. Yes as the president’s task forces are putting pressure on these anarchist groups in the cities they will scatter like roaches and seek to cause chaos in smaller towns. Be prepared. They will use violence and fire to cause terror and more importantly pull emergency resources away from the primary targets. As soon as these riots and lockdowns happened we had home invasion attempts in my small town where crime is rare. People here shot at the intruders. After a week all is quiet again. Be prepared and fight back!

    2. Point taken, but I’m still not going to any of those cities.

  2. Not going to portland, seattle, san fran, l.a., or any other leftist run city anytime soon. So let it burn.

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