1 thought on “2020-07-19 More NFAC

  1. NFAC is a joke. Grandmaster J creates videos mumbling or frustrated over something someone said to him which means he has no self-discipline. He is going to get those who follow him potentially killed. How do you miss the whole target at 50 yards? If he was truly in the Army or even so much as fired a gun in his life. You would think he would know how to adjust iron sights or at least move the gun to get on the paper. You just don’t forget things like that. You know anyone now days can buy service and rank pins online and come up with a lie and stolen valor and it disgusting and embarrassing. You can see how much of a gun amature J is when he walks in front of the gun the woman is holding. Made me nervous just watching it. He is a grandmaster of his group and the KKK has grandmaster. J is a very confused individual.

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